EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent Three-Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse

Edifier through its PC Peripheral brand HECATE has come up with a specially designed transparent shell variant for its classic G3M Pro lightweight gaming mouse, introducing the all-new EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent. They released the OG G3M Pro a few months ago, it became a huge success for its impeccable performance accuracy and comfortable design. The latest G3M Pro Transparent follows leadership-level quality standards with its innovative dual-mode switchable micro-motion switches and its flagship PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor. EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent is available in three striking color options, each having a solid transparent shell design. It is available to purchase at $55.99, feel free to check out more details here.

EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent-1

The primary attraction here on the G3M Pro Transparent gaming mouse is its transparent shell. The outer shell has a milky semi-transparent look which looks spectacular. EDIFIER G3M Pro Transparent features an ergonomic shape for a firm and solid grip. The mouse weighs just 66 grams promising smooth and controlled glide as well on any mousepad. At the very core, we have the original phase PAW3395 PixelArt optical sensor. It’s actually the current flagship sensor which is being used in many different premium mice options in the industry. It provides a silky smooth glide and perfect accuracy as well. We have a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI all thanks to the PAW3395 sensor.

EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent-2

EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent mouse adopts a high-quality dual switch design. The mouse actually has two different operating modes, the Game Mode with Huano Blue micro-motion switches(with a clicky and tactile design), and the other is silent mode with Huano micro-motion switches. As the name might suggest, the Game Mode is suitable for people who want an immersive 3D experience with tactile and the Silent Mode is mainly for entertainment or official systems with a silent approach.

EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent-3

Edifier HECATE G3M Pro Transparent mouse offers easy connectivity with different devices with a freely switchable three-mode connectivity function. The mouse offers excellent connectivity with Edifier’s Flash-Speed Low-Latency wireless connectivity. It enhances the connection mode with faster response time, silky smooth movement, and lag-free connection between the mouse and the source device. It provides a lighting-fast response time of ≤ 1 ms. Hecate G3M Pro has full integration With the Hecate application as well which allows the user to customize their experience with it.

EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro Transparent gaming mouse promises an extended battery life. It has a rated battery life of up to 120 hours. The G3M Pro Transparent hits the sweet spot with the perfectly designer looks, comfortable grip, and solid performance. This premium gaming mouse offers impressive performance, yet it goes easy on the pocket available for just $55.99, more information is available here.

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