VGN VXE ATK68 Mechanical Keyboard With Gateron Second-Generation Magnetic Switches

VGN recently came up with a new sub-brand called VXE. The brand has introduced some solid products including the Dragonfly R1 series of high-performance gaming mice, etc. Today, we are super excited to announce the launch of the all-new VGN VXE ATK68 mechanical keyboard. The VXE ATK68 is a premium keyboard with a 68-key streamlined 65% layout and comes equipped with Gateron’s second-generation customizable mechanical switches. These switches can be easily adjusted for different trigger points. VXE ATK68 is a solid keyboard with an exquisite build. We have an aluminum alloy top cover, OEM height PBT translucent keycaps, RGB backlight, hot-swappable sockets, RGB backlighting, and many more features. The VXE ATK68 is launched officially for $115.99, making it a handy choice for everyday usage. It is launched in two color options, White and Black, check out more details here.

VXE ATK68 Mechanical Keyboard-1

The primary attraction here on the VXE ATK68 is its new-generation switches. These are Gateron’s second-gen magnetic mechanical switches that offer a unique typing experience. The switches here are made up of POM material core axis and transparent PC material top cover. In fact, these are customizable switches where users can adjust the trigger point from 0.1mm to 4.0mm range. There are 40-level adjustable settings allowing full control into the hands of the users. The ATK68 allows easy adjustment of individual switches for complete customizable. They also offer a Global Rapid-Trigger function that will allow to assign different functions on a single keystroke. For enthusiasts who love to play around, we also have hot-swappable sockets on the keyboards that allow for easy replacement of the switches without worry.

VXE ATK68 Mechanical Keyboard-2

VXE ATK68 mechanical keyboard offers excellent low-delay connectivity with its Smart Speed X Low-Latency Technology. The keyboard itself offers a wired UISB connection with a fast response time and low delay in signal input. It has excellent build characteristics with a solid CNC machined aluminum-alloy top cover, and OEM height PBT Translucent keycaps. The colorful RGB backlight peeps beautifully through these translucent keycaps.

VXE ATK68 Mechanical Keyboard-3

VXE ATK68 has a streamlined compact 68-key layout. This is a compact layout with a practical approach, we have the arrow keys and the alphanumeric keys, but we drop down on the function row keys from our regular 75% layout. This layout is highly popular among gamers who want a neat and compact setup. Get the VGN VXE ATK68 keyboard and enhance the look of your setup today. This stunning keyboard is introduced in Black and White color options priced at $115.99, check out more information here.

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