ESPTIGER CHENGYING 3mm Resin Gaming Mousepad

Resin Mousepads are gaining popularity these days, and all for good reasons. Compared to standard cloth mousepads, they not only have superior durability and a premium in-hand feel but also have a silky smooth top surface for smooth and fast mouse glide. Today, we are excited to launch a brand new Resin mousepad from ESPTiger, introducing the ESPTIGER CHENGYING. CHENGYING mousepad is designed with a high-quality resin material. The mousepad is carefully crafted using a five-layered design structure featuring high-quality photolithographic resin material top-surface, anti-skid PU bottom, etc. ESPTIGER CHENGYING is the perfect mouse for gamers as it offers a silky smooth glide. It is available in two size options starting at just $39.99, you can get yours from here.


ESPTIGER CHENGYING gaming mousepad is crafted beautifully using a five-layered design structure. The top-most layer is made up of high-quality Photolithographic resin material, the second layer has a high-fidelity printed pattern which is pretty artistic and beautiful, the third layer has a highly-elastic Polyurethane foam padding layer that gives the mousepad a cushiony feel, PVC material is there on the fourth layer as a support layer, and lastly, we have hexagon PU base for an anti-slippery base. The Resin surface gives the mouse a fast, speed performance. It is suitable for users who prefer using mousepads for fast and silky smooth glide. Compared to standard cloth surface mousepads, the CHENGYING offers a smoother surface with less friction.


ESPTIGER has treated the CHENGYING with a beautiful artistic pattern. The design is full of vivid colors, making the pad a perfect choice for gamers who want an attractive mousepad. It is recommended to use a PTFE feet mouse with the mousepad for better response. The resin material top surface also provides a better response to sensors on the mouse.

ESPTIGER has also done side hemming with the Oil-Edge sealing technique. This provides a comfortable feel for the arm and wrist and also provides neat aesthetics. The ESPTIGER CHENGYING Mousepad is available in two sizes, the small size with dimensions of 400x320x3mm and the large size has dimensions of 480x400x3mm. It has a solid build and Resin Mousepads are going to be the perfect choice for FPS and other competitive titles where every minute movement can bring noticeable gaming control. ESPTIGER CHENGYING is available starting at just $39.99, check out more details here.

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