Weekly New Arrivals Brief : Fourth Week of February

February is about to come to an end. The month has been good, we had an amazing Chinese Lunar Year holiday and then we have got a bunch of releases in the past week. From WAIZOWL’s latest keyboard to REDRAGON 8K Gaming keyboard, ESPTIGER Resin mousepad, THUNDEROBOT ML903 Gaming Mice, etc. we have an exclusive new range of products designed to elevate your experience. Let’s have a flashback to the new releases that we have got in this fourth week of February.

WAIZOWL Lightning 60: Gasket Keyboard With Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $ 179.99.

WAIZOWL needs no introductions, the brand behind many successful competitive gaming mice has come up with this stunning new mechanical keyboard, the WAIZOWL Lightning60. It is a compact 60% mechanical keyboard that comes equipped with new-generation magnetic switches. Magnetic Switches are the new talk of the town in the mechanical keyboard industry. These switches are versatile supporting dynamic keystrokes, rapid trigger function, and adjustable trigger response. The ones on the Lightning60 have an adjustable trigger point at 0.2~3.8mm. The Waizowl Lightning60 features solid build quality with a CNC-machined aluminium alloy frame crafted in a stunning black finish. Other key features include Gasket Mounted Structure design, RGB backlight, etc. Are you excited to check out the amazing WAIZOWL Lightning60?? Check out more details about this stunning keyboard here.

WAIZOWL Lightning60-1

REDRAGON M68: 8K Return Rate Gaming Keyboard With Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $89.99.

Next up, we have this stunning new wired keyboard from REDRAGON with an 8000Hz return rate and Magnetic Switches, the REDRAGON M68. It has a 65% layout and a stunning metallic chassis. The key attractions of the REDRAGON M68 are its magnetic switches, ultra-fast response with 8000Hz polling rate, dynamically adjustable keystrokes, hot-swappable sockets, PBT keycaps, Sound-absorbing internal padding, etc. REDRAGON M68 offers great typing feedback with its new magnetic switches with an adjustable keystroke between 0.1~4.0mm. REDRAGON M68 is fantastic for everyday use and it is an even brilliant keyboard for gamers with ultra-fast response time. Get yours today and upgrade your gaming setup!!


ESPTIGER CHENGYING: High-Quality Resin Mousepad!!

Price: Starts at $39.99.

Nowadays Resin Mousepads are gaining great popularity in the gaming industry. The primary reasons are easy usability, easy care, and silky-smooth gliding top surface. ESPTIGER has just dropped its brand-new high-quality resin mousepad, the ESPTIGER CHENGYING. This stunning mousepad is crafted in a 5-layered structure design. The top-most layer is made up of high-quality Photolithographic resin material, the second layer has a high-fidelity printed pattern which is pretty artistic and beautiful, the third layer has a highly elastic Polyurethane foam padding layer that gives the mousepad a cushiony feel, PVC material is there on the fourth layer as a support layer, and lastly, we have hexagon PU base for an anti-slippery base. Not to mention the outstandingly beautiful patterns that CHENGYING Mousepad is available with!! The CHENGYING mousepad has a 3mm thick build structure. It is available in two different sizes starting at just 39.99$, you should get one for your gaming setup.


AJAZZ AK820 Pro: Premium Keyboard With Intuitive Display Screen!!

Price: $59.99.

AJAZZ has launched this stunning new keyboard with a competitive 75% layout arrangement, the AJAZZ AK820 Pro. The keyboard has three-mode connectivity supporting Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity options. It features an intuitive colorful display screen that serves for real-time updates and customization. The display screen showcases visuals, battery status, date, time, connection mode, and backlight effect settings as well. AJAZZ AK820 stands out in the industry with its amazing TFT colorful display screen, premium linear switches, three-mode connectivity, elegant color theme, and affordable prices. You can get the AJAZZ AK820 Pro for just $59.99, a solid price for such a highly equipped keyboard!!


THUNDEROBOT ML903: NearLink Wireless Mouse!!

Price: $75.99.

REDRAGON ML903 Near Link -1

THUNDEROBOT ML903 NearLink is a brand-new Wireless gaming mouse and last week the brand has released a special New Year edition in bright Red color option. It’s actually the first wireless gaming mouse to feature NearLink Wireless Technology. While it looks like any other 2.4GHz Wireless mouse, but it features a new NearLink chipset that offers super stable and ultra-fast wireless connectivity. The ML903 NearLink supports a 4K return rate in wireless mode and in wired mode, it supports even faster 8000Hz return rate support. The ML903 houses the PAW3395 flagship sensor to provide enhanced response with silky smooth glide and control. The mouse has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. THUNDEROBOT ML903 NearLink is the perfect gaming mouse that supports ultra-fast connectivity, low-latency response, and consistent performance, pretty good choice for competitive gamers!!


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