REDRAGON M68 8K Mechanical Keyboard With Magnetic Switches

For the past many years, REDRAGON has been an active brand in the PC Peripheral market. They have released several successful gaming keyboards and mice. As per the brand, they have focused primarily into bringing quality products at pocket-friendly prices bringing us amazing price to performance devices for everyday use. Today, we are excited to bring you their latest release, the REDRAGON M68 8K Mechanical Keyboard. As the name suggests, the M68 is a 68-key 65% ultra-compact mechanical keyboard, a compact and handy keyboard fit for multiple scenarios including gaming and entertainment setups etc. It features wired connection mode with a maximum return rate of 8000Hz. REDRAGON has equipped the M68 with linear magnetic switches supporting dynamic keystrokes. It is a keyboard that fits right into different setups and provides the users with an amazingly fast input response. REDRAGON M68 8K keyboard is launched officially for $89.99, you can check out more information over here.


The biggest feature of the REDRAGON M68 Keyboard is its 8K return rate support. Basically, most devices in the category usually have 1K, 2K or a maximum return rate of 4K. The REDRAGON M68 hits the competition straight out of the ballpark with its astonishingly fast response time of 8K(8000Hz). It is about 8 times faster than a standard keyboard with 1000Hz return rate support. It has a response time of 0.125ms, instantly responding to your input commands with no noticeable lag. This type of ultra-fast response time is highly suitable for gaming setups where every second can affect your performance.


REDRAGON M68 comes equipped with high-quality magnetic switches. They have a linear actuation and support a dynamically adjustable keystroke with a trigger response adjustable from 0.2mm to 4.0mm. Users can adjust the trigger response and also enable multiple functions on a single keystroke using the REDRAGON driver software. The keyboard also has hot-swappable sockets that will allow the users to easily swap and change the switches without the need for any soldering or desoldering on the keyboard.

REDRAGON M68 keyboard is designed with multi-layered internal padding. This consists of shock-absorbing silicone sandwich padding and bottom padding. This dual-layered design completely absorbs unnecessary noise and makes typing on the keyboard a comfortable affair. The keyboard features a dynamic 16 million color RGB backlight with multiple lightning effects to choose from.


REDRAGON M68 mechanical keyboard also has excellent build quality. The keyboard features a metallic cover and PBT material keycaps. It has a streamlined 68-key layout which is simply perfect for everyday use. REDRAGON has also featured high-quality satellite stabilizers which makes typing on the keyboard comfortable and wobble-free. REDRAGON M68 seems to be an amazing keyboard. Its 8K return rate, dynamic magnetic switches, and ultra-compact layout makes it a worthy recommendation for gamers. You can grab the M68 for just $89.99, get yours here.

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