FL-Esports CMK75 Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard With Gasket Structure & Built-in TFT Screen

Introducing the all-new FL-Esports CMK75 compact 75% mechanical keyboard with versatile three-mode connectivity and many more features. FL-Esports is a brand dedicated to high-quality premium PC peripherals. They specialize in gaming accessories such as mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. The CMK75 is a brand-new keyboard based on a compact 75% layout. It features a metallic multimedia knob that helps you to control your media playback on the go. With a leaf spring gasket structure, a Slotted PC Positioning board, and a multi-layered sound-absorbing design, the FL-Esports CMK75 keyboard promises softer touch and a delicate typing experience!!

FL-Esports CMK75-1

FL-Esports CMK75 keyboard starts at just 110.99$ and it goes as high as 135.99$ for the variant with Kailh Box Marshmallow switches. You can check out more details here.

The best attraction of the CMK75 is its premium and fruitful build quality. The keyboard has an elegant build with multiple color options. It features a colorful TFT display screen that can be customized with different pictures and gif animations. You also have a multimedia volume knob right made up of anodized metal material. The keyboard has a metallic back panel plate and top-cover plate with a contrasting color option. FL-Esports CMK75 keyboard features FSA Ball Cap Profile and OEM Height side-engraved PBT material keycaps. The typing angle and the ergonomics of the keyboard are simply perfect for comfortable typing feedback.

FL-Esports CMK75-2

FL-Esports has equipped the keyboard with a leaf-spring gasket structure design featuring a PC material positioning board. The keyboard has a super satisfying typing experience with smooth keystrokes and soft acoustics. With the help of a multi-layered sound-absorbing design, the CMK75 keyboard has great control over resonance cavity sounds. Overall, an amazing typing feedback with the keyboard.

FL-Esports CMK75-4

As for connectivity, the FL-Esports CMK75 keyboard has a three-mode wireless connectivity function. It supports Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connection options. You can simply connect the keyboard with your choice of source and your choice of connection method. FL-Esports CMK75 keyboard comes with high-quality customized mechanical switches. It also has Kailh Box Marshmallow switches as an option as well. Users can also replace the switches easily as the CMK75 keyboard features hot-swappable sockets. For stable operation and wobble-free typing, larger keys feature customized stabilizers.

FL-Esports CMK75-4

The CMK75 keyboard has a dynamic RGB backlight. It features 16.8 million colors full RGB backlighting with built-in effects. The effects can be customized using driver software. CMK75 features south-facing LEDs that make the backlight experience brighter and visually more appealing.

FL-Esports CMK75-5

FL-Esports CMK75 keyboard hits the sweet spot for every function. It has multiple connection options, it has long-lasting 3000mAh battery(with quick-release design), it has durable switches, high-quality PBT keycaps, and many more features. The keyboard is perfect for any use-case scenario you might imagine. Starting at just 110.99$, the FL-Esports CMK75 is worth checking out. More details are here.

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