AULA F87 Gasket Mounted 80% TKL Mechanical Keyboard News

Introducing the all-new AULA F87 compact 80% mechanical keyboard with an 80-key arrangement. The keyboard has a dynamic lighting experience available in two different variants. Interested persons can purchase the keyboard with a dynamic RGB backlight or a monochromatic elegant single-color backlight. Apart from the backlight, the F87 also features vivid side flanks. AULA F87 brings soft feedback and comfortable dynamics with a gasket structure design. AULA has designed the keyboard with a five-layered padded design that greatly absorbs sound and pressure and provides the users with rich typing feedback!!

AULA F87-1

AULA F87 keyboard starts at 45.99$ for the single-color single-mode variant and the top-most Three-mode variant with RGB backlight is priced at 65.99$. Know more details here.

AULA F87 keyboard features a gasket structure design. It ensures comfortable typing feedback with extended one-piece silicone padded design. With improved and optimized structure resilience, the keyboard has a soft and delicate feel. AULA has featured a single-key slotted design and a PC material high-quality positioning board on the F87 keyboard. The positioning plate is slotted horizontally with gives stable typing feedback.

AULA F87-2

The F87 keyboard promises soft acoustics and comfortable typing. It is achieved using a five-layered padded design. Starting with soft cotton PORON padding, IXPE under shaft padding, Bottom silicone padding, etc. Every time you type on the F87, you are greeted with comfortable, elastic feedback that is super satisfying!! The best thing about the F87 keyboard is the dynamic lighting effects. The keyboard is available in RGB as well as monochrome single-color lighting. Apart from the regular backlight, we also have dynamic side strips. You can obviously customize the experience with different effects including musical rhythmic effects.

AULA F87-3

Aula F87 comes with high-quality dual-tone injection-molded PBT material keycaps. They offer great durability compared to regularly used ABS material keycaps ideal for long-term usage. F87 comes with customized mechanical switches. You get Customised Grey V3(factory-lubed, Linear Axis), and Customised Red Yellow V3 Full-POM(Linear) switches. They offer excellent typing feedback and durability. Users can customize their experience as well since the keyboard features full-key hot-swappable sockets.

AULA F87-4

AULA F87 is a fantastic keyboard that comes in two different variants, single-mode and three-mode connectivity. Three-mode obviously allows you to connect the keyboard with different devices easily, while with single-mode you get only USB Type-C wired connection option. The F87 starts at 45.99$, feel free to check out more details here.

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