FL-Esports CMK98 Triple Mode Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

FL-Esports has a wide collection of premium mechanical keyboards and their accessories. Today, they have added a brand new Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard to their ever-growing collection, presenting you the all-new FL-Esports CMK98. It’s a 98-key full-sized keyboard with triple connection modes. The CMK98 can be connected to multiple devices using Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, and Wired USB Type-C connections. The CMK98 supports various devices including Windows, Android, iOS, and MAC systems. And you don’t have to worry anything about switching from Windows to MAC systems as the setting switch is simple with just a single click. Check out more details about the CMK98 here.

Fl-Esports CMK98-1

CMK98 comes in a variety of switch options including the Box V2 Brown, Box V2 White, and Box V2 Red. These are high-performance switches that deliver smooth and tactile typing feedback. For modders, the Fl-Esports CMK98 also has a hot-swappable PCB design that allows the users to easily change the switches. The package here also gets a switch puller for easily switching the switches. CMK98 here has a padded structure that smoothens the keystroke sound and presents the users with a clean and smooth sound for every single key press.

Fl-Esports CMK98-2

FL-Esports CMK98 has got a beautiful build and design. The keyboards adopt high-quality PBT keycaps along with an ABS frame that has a metal counterweight. The keycaps here have a spherical FSA profile. These are extremely comfortable keycaps, our fingertips will sit comfortably at the keycaps. The design and ergonomics of the keyboard are very comfortable. It is ideal for both gaming and typing.

Fl-Esports CMK98-3

CMK98 has a full backlit design with 16.8 million RGB colors. The RGB effects are fully dynamic and can be adjusted through a customized software developed by FL-Esports. This software also allows for macro creation and other keyboard features.


>Triple connection mode.

>Hot-swappable PCB design.

>Smooth performance with high-quality stabilizers.

>LFA/FSA profile spherical keycaps.

>Silicone padded structure.

>Metal counterweight for better ergonomics.

>Dynamic full RGB backlight design.

>Custom driver for RGB backlight and Macro adjustments.

>Seamless switching between Windows and MAC OS settings with a single key.

Technical Specs:-

>Keycap Material: PBT.

>High-quality ABS frame with metal counterweight.

>No. Of keys: 98.

>Layout: Full-sized.

>Connections supported: Wireless Bluetooth V5.0, Wireless 2.4GHz, Wired USB Type-C.

>Dimensions: 394.6x156x41.6mm.



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