KeyTok Releases New Morse Code PBT Pudding Keycaps

KeyTok has released a brand new set of PBT styled Pudding keycaps for RGB Keyboards. These are called Morse Code. It’s a 121-keys set compatible with most mainstream keyboard layouts including 104 keys, 98 keys, 67 keys, 61 keys, and more. Morse Code is a pudding-styled keycap set with high-quality PBT dye-sublimation printing at the top and completely transparent from the sides. These will be exceptionally good for RGB backlit keyboards. The keys here have a three-color collision design with a beautiful combination of White, Bright Orange, and Olive green colors. The transparent sides here make the RGB effect of your keyboard come to life.

Morse Code Keycaps-1

Morse Code Keycaps have a traditional OEM profile that is suitable for most keyboard brands out there. With their unique and elegant color combination, the Morse Code Keycaps have a funky and sweet design that pushes life into simple baritone frames too. The entire kit of Morse Code Keycaps adds a unique look to your keyboard, with their pudding-styled design, the RGB backlit designs from keyboards also come to life.

Morse Code Keycaps-2

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