FL-ESPORTS Released F12 Latest Hot-Swappable 65% Keyboard With Kalih Box Switches

FL-Esports caters to us with a wide collection of high-quality mechanical keyboards that comes in different form factors including 75%, TKL, and Full-size ones. Today, FL-Esports has released a brand new 68-key ultra-compact 65% keyboard, presenting you all the amazing FL-Esports F12. Featuring ultimate craftsmanship, the FL-Esports F12 offers a lightweight design and portable form factor. FL-Esports has released the F12 in a brand new Blue color option. The F12 is launched in two different variations, one with a single colored Blue backlight design and the other with a full RGB backlight design.


The difference between both the variants for F12 is not limited to just the backlight color effects. RGB variant of F12 brings a few more features to the table including three-mode connections, a sound-absorbing sandwich cotton structure, and a larger battery for longer durability. With three color options, Black, Blue, Purple, and Green, the FL-Esports F12 is priced at just 60$(Blue), and 75$(RGB) variants.


FL-Esports RGB Variant supports triple connection modes that include Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with Wireless 2.4GHz and wired USB Type-C connectivity. The standard single light Blue variant will support dual connection modes including Wired and Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.  With its multiple connection modes, the F12 can be connected to multiple devices including Windows PC/Laptop, Android devices, and more. The F12 has got full-key non-conflict design. Now press the entire keyboard and you won’t notice any kind of lag or conflict between at keys.


FL-Esports F12 mechanical keyboard has a full-key hot-swappable PCB design. It enables the users to easily switch the switches supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. FL-Esports F12 mechanical keyboard has got dual-tone injection-molded PBT keycaps. They are obviously better than standard ABS keycaps. They have got bold and accurate legends printed onto them. 


In the RGB variant of the FL-Esports F12 mechanical keyboard, we also get a sound-absorbing padded structure. FL-Esports has used high-quality sandwich cotton between the layers, this contributes to softer acoustics and a more stabilized key operations. The RGB Variant F12 houses a 2000mAh battery while the standard Blue-light variant houses a 1100mAh battery. Both the variants have extended battery life support, you won’t see yourself charging again and again as the keyboard will provide you with an extended audience. F12 starts at 60$ for the Blue-Single Light model and 75$ for the multi-color RGB backlight model, you can check out more details here.


>Compact 68-Keys 65% Form Factor.

>Lightweight & Portable.

>Three-Mode Wireless connection(RGB variant).

>Full-backlit RGB effect.

>Full-Key hot-swappable PCB.

>Oil and Wear Resistant Dual-coloured PBT Keycaps.

>Sound-Absorbing Sandwich Cotton Structure(RGB version).

>Customised driver for Macro programming.

>Full-key non-conflict support.

>Multiple device support.

>Extended battery life.

Technical Specifications:-

>No. Of keys: 68.

>Dimensions: 310x101x39mm.

>Shell Material: ABS.

>Keycap Material: PBT.

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