Gateron Launches All-New 0° Silent Switches, Magnetic Hall-Sensor Switches, & Optical 2.0 Switches

Gateron is one of the largest manufacturers of premium mechanical keyboard switches in the world. They have partnered with most of the brands in the industry bringing you a comforting and exciting typing experience with your mechanical keyboards. Gateron actually has a huge collection of mechanical switch offerings in different actuation styles. Today, Gateron has come up with three brand new mechanical switches, the Gateron 0° Silent Switch, the Gateron KS-22 Optical 2.0 Switch, and the Gateron KS-20 Magnetic Hall Switches. Let’s know these switches better.

Gateron 0° Silent Switches:-

Gateron has always focused on bringing innovative technologies to the mechanical switch department. They have named these switches quite innovatively just like their design. These are extremely silent, like muted typing feedback. Whenever we adjust the volume of our TV or Audio devices to the lowest, i.e. to 0, we get no sound, completely silent and mute effect. This is where these switches have got their name the Gateron 0° Silent!!

Gateron 0° Silent Switches-1

Gateron has designed the 0° silent switches with a double-guided structure design. The switches have transparent upper covers with a double silent pad and bottom-out four-position silent padded design. This double-padded design helps the user to achieve completely silent typing feedback with the keyboard. The Gateorn 0° silent switches pursue quiet and personal typing feedback. They have silky smooth linear typing feedback and are super clean to type on. These are suitable for offices and other locations where you don’t want to disturb others with typing sounds.

Gateron 0° Switches have linear feedback with a trigger force of 45±15gf. You have a short pre-travel of 2.0mm±0.6mm and a bottom-out total travel of 4.0mm. Gateron 0° Silent Switches are bliss to type on. Their short key travel, silent operation, and solid satisfying feedback make them something to look forward to. These are priced quite attractively as well. They start at 7.55$ for a set of 10 switches and 26.99$ for a set of 35 switches. Upgrade your keyboard with the all-new Gateron 0° Silent Switches!! Know more information here.

Gateron KS-22 Optical 2.0 Switches:-

The second launch here is the all-new Gateron KS-22 Optical 2.0 mechanical switches. Lately, Optical Switches have grabbed the attention of gamers and keyboard enthusiasts. The KS-22 Optical 2.0 come as an upgraded and reoptimized variant for the famous KS-15 switches(although they can’t be used as replacements). The Optical switches work on the principle of infrared optical sensing component using the light-sensing principle to generate ultra-fast trigger response.

Gateron KS-22 Optical Switch 2.0

Gateron has brought several upgrades to the Optical Switch lineup wi tithe KS22 Optical Switch 2.0 series. The diameter of the stem is larger, resulting in smoother typing feedback. We also have an improved lifespan of up to 100 million clicks, The sound experience is also readjusted for a clear and softer clicking sound. The Gateron Optical 2.0 switches also have enlarged light-transmitting openings, which helps in achieving faster and quick response!!

Apart from the KS-22 Blue Optical switches, all others come pre-lubed offering buttery smooth typing performance. They have 1.0mm(yellow), and 2.0mm(Other than Yellow) pre-travel time They offer different switch options in the Optical 2.0 switches, including White, Yellow, Silver, Red, Black, etc.

Gateron KS-22 Optical switches are a sweet option suitable for both gaming as well as official setups. The KS-22 Optical switches are available in a set of 10 switches priced at 3.55$. You can check out more information here.

Gateron KS-20 Magnetic Hall Sensor Switches:-

Gateron has also brought us innovative new Magnetic switches. Available in two variants, the lightweight KS-20 Magnetic White and Moderate weight KS-20 Orange switches. They have a free adjustment of Pre-Travel allowing you to adjust your typing experience. This level of customization makes these the perfect choice for gamers who want to personalize their experience with their keyboard.

Gateron KS-20 Magnetic Hall Sensor Switch

Gateron K-20 Magnetic Switches have silky smooth typing feedback with linear actuation. The Magnetic White switches have an operating force of 30gf while the Magnetic Orange have an operating force of 38gf. Both the switches have a bottom force of 50gf and a total key travel of 4.1±0.2mm.

Gateron KS-20 Magnetic Hall Sensor switches come in a pack of 10 switches priced at 8.55$ for the pack. You can check out more information about the Magnetic Hall Sensor Switches here.

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