XINMENG M71 Compact 71-key Three-Mode Gasket Keyboard With Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Mechanical Keyboards are amazing. The market is huge, and the features are endless. We have a huge market for Mechanical keyboards in the world. There’s a huge variety of products available from different brands equipped with the latest features that make our user experience better and more comforting. Today, we are launching a brand new 71-key ultra-compact mechanical keyboard in the market, presenting the XINMENG M71. It’s a highly versatile keyboard that is designed with many advanced functions and features such as Three-Mode Connectivity, RGB backlight & Side strips, Leaf-Spring Gasket structure, five-layered sound-shock absorbing design, etc. It’ a super compact keyboard loaded with features to enhance your typing experience greatly!!


XINMENG M71 is available in a bunch of color options, each of which looks absolutely brilliant. The M71 is launched for 109.99$, check out more information here.

XINMENG M71 keyboard is designed with a leaf-spring gasket structure design. It has a PC material single-key slotted positioning plate which provides excellent cushiony typing feedback. Paired with a five-layered sound-shock absorbing design featuring Sandwich Poron cotton, IXPE Under Shaft padding, PET padding, Poron Shaft Seat padding, and Silicone bottom padding layers, the M71 provides a really comforting typing experience for the users. The keyboard features high-quality CNC machined alluvium alloy top and bottom covers. The build quality is solid and firm. It’s available in multiple color options with OEM height PBT material keycaps!!


XINMENG M71 keyboard definitely has a cool RGB experience. The keyboard features a 16.8 million color RGB backlight along with full RGB side strips as well. The RGB on the keyboard is vivid and bright and includes multiple lighting effects allowing the users to customize their experience as they like. XINMENG M71 keyboard comes with TTC high-quality mechanical switches. Currently, the available options are TTC Honey V2 or TTC Super Man switches. They offer smooth typing with a quick and solid rebound. Users can customize their experience as the keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable sockets allowing them to replace the switches as they like.


XINMENG M71 keyboard houses a large-capacity 4600mAh battery that provides the keyboard with an extended battery life of up to 15 days with a single charge. It supports a versatile three-mode connection feature supporting wireless Bluetooth, wired USB, and Wireless 2.4GHz connections straight out of the box. The M71 is a wonderfully built keyboard loaded with new-generation features that makes typing on the keyboard simple and comfortable. It’s launched officially for 109.99$, you can know more information here.

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