AJAZZ AJ199 4K Edition Dual-Mode Gaming Mouse

Take your gaming enjoyment to all-new heights with the brand-new AJAZZ AJ199 4K edition gaming mouse. This mouse comes as a huge upgrade over the award-winning AJ199 mouse that came out earlier this year. AJAZZ as a brand has a good reputation among PC enthusiasts for its outstanding range of products including mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, and more. The latest AJ199 4K edition is a revamped version of the AJ199 with faster return rate support, a new-generation main control chipset, Durable Huano switches, and a larger battery!! The AJ199 4K gaming mouse is launched officially for just 55.99$ making it one of the most affordable 4K gaming mouse out there!! Check out more information here.

AJAZZ AJ199 4K-1

The primary upgrade on the AJ199 4K mouse over the standard variant is its 4K return rate support. With the help of the new Nordic 52840 main control chipset, the AJ199 4K supports a massive performance upgrade by achieving a return rate of up to 4000Hz. It is 4 times faster than the standard AJ199 which supports a 1000hz return rate. The new 4KHz makes its response time as low as just 0.25ms, basically, your clicks are registered faster, your aim becomes more controlled and precise, and the overall tracking is much, much smoother than before. This is a noticeable upgrade that instantly gets noticed when used.

AJAZZ AJ199 4K-2

AJAZZ has equipped the AJ199 4K edition with a flagship PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor. Matched with the 4K return rate, the overall experience becomes smoother and better controlled for the users. The PAW3395 enables faster DPI of up to 26000 with precise adjustments, 650IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration. 4000Hz return rate unleashes the full potential of the PAW3395 optical sensor.

AJAZZ AJ199 4K-3

The AJ199 4K edition supports dual-mode connectivity. It supports wireless 2.4GHz and wired connection options. The package for AJ199 4k includes a high-speed 4K receiver for unmatched performance. The mouse has a lightweight design weighing in at just 65±2 grams. It also has a bigger 900mAh battery. It is about 3 times bigger than the battery on the standard AJ199 gaming mouse. It provides an incredible battery life of up to 300 hours!!

AJAZZ AJ199 4K gaming mouse utilizes Huano’s new-generation Purple Transparent micro-motion switches. They offer a quick trigger response with just 0.2mm movement and provide a smooth rebound as well. The Huano switches have a rated durability of over 80 million clicks. AJAZZ AJ199 4K edition is the perfect gaming mouse that has all the features that one might need. Be it a faster return rate, accurate tracking, precise aim, or smoother click, the AJ199 4K gaming mouse has them all!! For just 55.99$, the AJ199 4K edition is a must-have for everyone!!

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