Hyeku SODA68 65% Hot-Swappable Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard

2022, we have got some really good keyboards with transparent design. Just a few days back LoFree announced the beautiful 1% transparent mechanical keyboard. Today, Hyeku has released a brand new 65% compact mechanical keyboard, the SODA68. This 68-key keyboard has got an impressive design matching fresh soda water with transparent top cover and pudding styled green keycaps. Revive your workspace everytime you use the SODA68 keyboard with its beautiful design and exquisite build. Hyeku SODA68 is priced at 125$, check out more details here.

Hyeku SODA68-1

From the first information, the main attraction with the Hyeku SODA68 mechanical keyboard is with its design and build. The keyboard has a 65% ultra-compact form factor with 68-key layout. For all those who don’t know, 65% is the most compact form factor you can get with “Arrow Keys”. The keyboard has got a solid build with gasket mounted structure, Transparent top-cover, Transparent Pudding Styled Keycaps, etc. The keycaps here have a dual-tone injection-molded PBT build which is highly-durable and oil/wear-resistant. It also has a magnetic Wrist Rest that users can detach and attach to their liking.

Hyeku SODA68-2

Hyeku has featured specially customised Kalih Box mechanical Switches on the SODA68. It comes with specially designed Soda Yellow mechanical switches which have a linear actuation and a long lifespan of up to 100 million keystrokes. Currently the keyboard is launched in only the Yellow Soda switch option, but later on two more switches will be added to the catalog(Box Soda Red and Box Soda Blue). The keyboard has got hot-swappable PCB that allows the user to change the switches to their liking.

Hyeku SODA68 mechanical keyboard has a gasket mounted structure. It houses an aluminum alloy 6061 keyboard plate along with dual silicone pads, one between the Keyboard plate and the PCB and the other is placed between the PCB and the bottom panel of the keyboard. This gasket mounted structure not only provides softer sound on keystrokes but also gives a stabilised operation.

Hyeku SODA68-3

SODA68 mechanical keyboard has a full-RGB backlit design. The keyboard glows up with bright multi-colour RGB effects when turned on. These effects can be switched from a variety of in-built presets. SODA68 mechanical keyboard has three-mode connections. It supports latest Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. You can check out more details about the Hyeku SODA68 here.


>Fresh soda water theme with Transparent body and Green coloured pudding styled keycaps.

>65% ultra-compact form factor.

>Magnetic wrist rest.

>Customised Kalih Box switches.

>Hot-swappable PCB.

>Triple Connection modes(Bluetooth V5.0+Wireless 2.4GHz+Wired USB Type-C).

>Seamless switching between devices.

>High-quality 6061 Aluminum alloy keyboard plate.

>Silicone padded structure.

>Dual-tone PBT keycaps.

>Full-RGB backlit design.

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