Hyeku Y-Series Hot-Swappable Full RGB Mechanical Keyboards

HYEKU is a well-recognized computer peripheral brand from China. They specialize in the design and marketing of premium mechanical keyboards. Today, Hyeku has introduced its latest series of hot-swappable mechanical keyboards, the Hyeku Y-Series. The Y-series from Hyeku has got three products, the Y2, the Y3, and the Y5. These are distinguished mainly by their layout designs. The Y2 is the compact 82-key one while the Y3 is the TKL 87-key keyboard, and the Y5 is the full-key 108-key keyboard. The series has got plenty of features yet the keyboards here come at attractive price tags starting at 119$(Y2) and goes as high as 139$(Y5). Check out more details here.

Hyeku Y-Series-1

Hyeku has designed the Y-series mechanical keyboards using a stunning White color theme. White color has a charming personality, it is bright, yet elegant. The keyboards not only look beautiful, but they are also rich with features such as hot-swappable PCB, dual-tone injection-molded PBT keycaps, Custom Kalih Box switches, etc. Apart from the layout difference between the three, the Y3 and Y5 mechanical keyboards also feature a small display near the arrow keys. This display shows the active battery level on the keyboard.

Hyeku Y-Series-2

The internal structure of the Hyeku Y-series of mechanical keyboards consists of a PVC positioning plate and a Hyeku custom-developed silicone padded structure. Hyeku has placed this silicone pad between the keyboard plate and the bottom panel of the keyboard. It effectively reduces the sharpness of the sound produced by the mechanical switches.

Hyeku Y-Series-3

Hyeku Y-series keyboards support connection to a wide variety of devices including tablets, smartphones, PCs, and Laptops. It supports three connection modes including Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The device can be connected to multiple devices using the Bluetooth connection mode. Also, the keyboards also support seamless switching between the connected devices using a single keypress.

Hyeku Y-Series-4

Hyeku has designed new sets of premium mechanical switches in collaboration with Kalih Box. These offer smooth operation with better durability. The keyboards also have a full hot-swappable design allowing the user full personalization to the Y-series keyboards. Other main features of the Y-series mechanical keyboards include Macro programming, full-key RGB backlit design, dual-tone injection-molded PBT keycaps(with transparent Legends for improved RGB effects, and many more. The keyboards start at 119$ for the Y2, go for 125$ for the Y3, and the full-sized 108-key Y5 is priced at 139$. You can check out more details here.


>Available in three layout options(82-keys, 87-keys, 108-keys).

>Customized Hyeku x Kalih Box switches.

>High-gloss translucent PVC positioning plate.

>Gasket-mounted structure.

>Triple-connection modes.

>One-key seamless switching.

>Power display(Y3/Y5 only).

>Full-key hot-swappable design.

>Multi-color RGB Full-Backlit design.

>Dual-tone Injection-molded PBT keycaps.

>Long battery life.

>Two-level Feet.

>Custom Macro programming.

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