MACHENIKE K500F Fully Transparent 75% Compact Mechanical Keyboard

MACHENIKE has introduced a brand new mechanical keyboard, the MACHENIKE K500F. The K500F is an upgrade over the K500. It’s a completely transparent mechanical keyboard that has a rich crystal-like finish. The keyboard has a compact 75% layout and features finely-tuned Ice Crystal Mechanical Switches that offer a comfortable typing experience. With multiple layered noise-reducing sandwich cotton silicone padding, the K500F offers a silky smooth typing experience to the users. MACHENIKE is a well-recognized brand that focuses on the design and marketing of gaming mechanical keyboards and mice. They have a wide catalog of successful products available worldwide.


The latest MACHENIKE K500F is priced at 99.99$. Check out more information about the K500F here.

If you are someone who prefers having a unique-looking keyboard, the MACHENIKE K500F is one of a kind keyboard. It has a fully transparent look. The keycaps, the chassis, everything has a crystal-like finish that allows the RGB backlight to peep through beautifully. It adopts high-quality transparent ball cap keycaps that have a crystal finish. Even the switches here are transparent Ice crystal switches specially customized for the K500F!! The keyboard itself has a compact 75% form factor with 81 keys and a multifunction knob. This knob can be used to adjust brightness or volume on the go.


The MACHENIKE K500F keyboard adopts a gasket-mounted structure design along with multi-layered sandwich cotton padding. The gasket structure gives the keyboard an elastic feel while the sandwich padding layers effectively reduce the cavity sound and ensure a comfortable & silent user experience. MACHENIKE has equipped the K500F with Customised ICE Crystal mechanical switches. They are available in Tactile or Linear actuation types. Users can customize their experience with hot-swappable sockets supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches.


MACHENIKE K500F mechanical keyboard features a dynamic 16.8 million color RGB backlight. It has a bright glow and offers different effects to customize your experience with the keyboard. The completely transparent look and dynamic RGB backlight is the perfect treat you need for your setup!! MACHENIKE offers crazy quality and exciting performance, all at an attractive price of just 99.99$, make sure you check out more details here.

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