MACHENIKE Launches K7 Pro Hot-Swappable Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard With Transparent Color-Matched Keycaps

MACHENIKE has released a brand new 87-key 80% TKL Hot-Swappable mechanical keyboard, the all-new MACHENIKE K7 Pro. It’s different from other TKL keyboards in the market with its unique design and industrial-grade shape. The keyboard is shaped like the front of a car and features beautiful color-matched black transparent keycaps. MACHENIKE has designed the keyboard with ultimate precision for a unique approach!!


MACHENIKE K7 Pro is launched officially for 125.99$, refer here for more information.

K7 Pro features a latest-generation design. It is shaped like the front of a car. It has transparent black keycaps and an aluminum alloy frame which gives it a robust solid frame. MACHENIKE K7 Pro has triple connection modes supporting Wired USB Type-C and Wireless 2.4GHz/Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It can be connected to a variety of devices including Mac, Windows, Android, etc. With a full-key RGB backlight, the keyboard glows bright and is capable of producing an immersive user experience. MACHENIKE has featured a multi-color 16.8million color RGB backlight on the K7 Pro. It also has about 20 pre-built lighting effects allowing you to customize your experience with the keyboard.


MACHENIKE K7 Pro adopts a hot-swappable socket design allowing users to replace the switches easily. It comes with high-performance TTC Speed Silver V2 switches as stock. TTC Speed Silver V2 provides a super smooth, and ultra-fast trigger response. MACHENIKE K7 Pro brings a new user experience with its new design theme. It offers an amazing typing experience with its compact layout and fast mechanical switches. K7 Pro comes with a large 4000mAh battery that provides an extended battery life for the users. MACHENIKE has priced the K7 Pro well at 125.99$, know more here.

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