IDOBAO Releases New Virutal War & Milk Cherry Themed Keycaps and Aqua King Linear Switches

IDOBAO has released a bunch of new products that will help you revive your current mechanical keyboard or start a new DIY project. They have released two brand-new sets of designer keycaps, the IDOBAO Virtual War and the IDOBAO Milk Cherry. Both these sets bring striking designer keycaps in beautiful color combinations. IDOBAO has also released its latest Aqua King linear mechanical switches. The Aqua King is available in three different variants, each having a different amount of trigger force. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next keyboard or plan an upgrade for your current one with these all-new components.

IDOBAO Aqua King Mechanical Switches:-

Aqua King is the name given to the latest premium linear mechanical switch from IDOBAO. The switch has got a 5-pin mounting design, it is compatible with most new keyboards with hot-swappable sockets that have 5-pin switch support. IDOBAO has designed the new Aqua King mechanical switches with three different trigger force options, you get an option to choose your preferred variant.

IDOBAO Aqua King Mechanical Switches-1

IDOBAO Aqua King is a linear switch with a pre-travel of 2.0mm±0.6mm and a total stroke of 4.0mm±0.3mm. These offer a smooth typing experience with fast and accurate trigger response. A 20mm spring is tuned to give a quick rebound for your keystrokes. The Aqua King Switches have got a high-durability with a lifespan of up to a 60million clicks.

These are priced at 27.99$ for a set of 35 pieces. Know more here.

IDOBAO Virtual War Series XDA Profile Keycaps:-

Give your keyboard an all-new look with the all-new IDOBAO Virtual War Series XDA profile keycaps. The keys here get a beautiful three-color combination with Yellow, Black, and White colored keycaps. IDOBAO has treated the keycaps with an XDA profile for easy compatibility with most keyboards. These are crafted using a high-quality dye-sublimation process. They are made up of high-density PBT material. These are fully compatible with Cherry MX switches.

IDOBAO Aqua King Mechanical Switches-2

The Virtual War keycaps have got designer war-related elements on their designer keys. With these create an all-new usage experience with your keyboards. IDOBAO Virtual War designer keycaps are priced attractively at just 29.99$. More information here.

IDOBAO Milk Cherry Keycaps:-

Well, the Virtual War series brings a little aggressive color theme to your keyboards, and the new Milk Cherry keycaps bring a soothing, mellow color combination to the set. Treat your keyboards with these superior colorful high-density PBT keycaps made in White, Pink, and Blue colors. Our keyboards will pop up with a rich look with the Milk Cherry Keycaps from IDOBAO. 

IDOBAO Aqua King Mechanical Switches-3

The set consists of 140 keys and it is fully compatible with Cherry MX switches and other switches that uses MX-styled stems. IDOBAO Milk Cherry Keycaps are launched officially for 29.99$, check out more information here.

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