TTC Announces All-New Gold Pro Professional Mechanical Switches

TTC has officially released the all-new Gold Pro series of mechanical switches. Back in 2017, TTC introduced the very first Gold mechanical switches at the Taipei Computer Show. It grabbed the media and consumer attention with its 24K gold-plated structure and 24K gold-plated contacts. Later in May 2019, the Gold Series of mechanical switches got an update in the form of TTC Gold V2 switches. The series got another update in 2020 with a high-precision molded structure for the TTC Gold V3 switches. Today, after two years of the official release of the V3 switches, TTC has released the Gold Pro switches with new material and molded structure. The new TTC Gold Pro switches got high-precision factory lubing, promising a super comfortable typing experience. The materials for the TTC Gold Pro switches have been finalized after more than 1 year of testing and verification of different materials.

TTC Gold Pro Mechanical Switches-1

TTC Gold Pro series introduces a new polymer composite material for the production of the switch core. They have combined the high durability of POM material with the flexibility and smoothness of UME material.

TTC Gold Pro switches uses a new mold structure. In order to match the injection molding characteristics of the new material and ensure good accuracy, the TTC Gold Pro switches have been redesigned with better accuracy.

TTC Gold Pro Mechanical Switches-2

The TTC Gold Pro series has got two different switches upon launch. First is the TTC Gold Red Pro switch with a linear trigger response with a pre-travel of just 1.4mm. The traditional Red Linear Switches usually have 2.0mm pre-travel, TTC Gold Red Pro switches are up to 30% faster than a conventional Linear switch. TTC Gold Pro switches have a total key travel of just 3.5mm. With such small key travels, the keystrokes are precisely registered with fast triggering. The second one is the TTC Gold Brown Pro, a tactile factory pre-lubed switch with clear and rounded feedback.

TTC Gold Pro Mechanical Switches-3

TTC Gold Pro Switches promise an amazing typing experience with top-level performance. These will definitely revive your old mechanical keyboards with all-new feedback and trigger response!!

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