TTC x HiGround Titan Heart Switches Gets RGB Edition!!

A few weeks back, TTC collaborated with HiGround and designed a new mechanical switch based on the famous “Attack on the Titan” series. They named it the TTC x Higround Titan Heart. They have an amazing typing feel with a lego-like build structure and linear feedback. Today, TTC has released a new RGB edition for the Titan Heart switches with a built-in condenser that gathers your keyboard’s RGB and presents it in a bright manner.  They are calling these new switches the TTC x Higround Titan Heart RGB.

TTC x Higround Titan Heart RGB Switches-1

The new Titan Heart RGB switches are identical to the OG Titan Heart switches. These are designed in a LEGO-style structure with a black shell on the exterior cover. The Upper cover here has a hollowed-out structure loaded with TTC condensers. The light gathers through the Condenser to the top of the upper cover. This allows for RGB backlit keyboards to have a brighter, more luminant backlight. The condenser-based design not only brightens the RGB but also presents it in a uniform manner with better color consistency.

TTC x Higround Titan Heart RGB Switches-2

Titan Heart RGB switches are identical to the standard Titan Heart Switches with their 1.2mm pre-travel, and an initial pressure of 37g. They have a total stroke of 3.6mm with total switch size of just 3.8mm. These have a fast, agile performance with a quick trigger. The total force required for triggering is just 42gf. The switches adopt a 24mm long spring for a fast rebound with soft linear feedback. Titan Heart RGB Switches have amazing durability of up to 100 million keystrokes. They will be soon launched officially worldwide, till then you can check more information about the standard Titan heart Switches here.

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