IDOBAO Releases Three All-New Sets Of Premium Quality Keycaps For Mechanical Keyboards

Are you planning to give a new look to your already amazing mechanical keyboards? Today, IDOBAO has launched three new sets of high-quality dye-sublimed keycaps. You can choose between Multi-Colored Granite XDA profile Keycaps, 9009 XDA profile V2 keycaps, and MA profile designer graffiti-themed keycaps for your keyboards.

IDOBAO Granite XDA Profile Keycaps:-

Bring a new breath of fresh air to your keyboard with the all-new IDOBAO Granite keycaps. This is a mainly simple set of elegant keycaps with a few specialty symbols and colorful accents on a few keys. These have a solid build and don’t distract you while computing.

IDOBAO Granite Keycaps-1

The Granite-themed keycaps feature a high-density material with a high-gloss dye-sublimed finish. The legends are crisp and clear. The dye-Sublimation process brings us a bright, rich finish with a very strong visual perception. The keycaps are made up of high-quality PBT material for long durability!!

IDOBAO Granite Keycaps-2

These are launched for 39.99$ for a complete set. Know more here.

IDOBAO 9009 XDA V2 Keycaps:-

The 9009 keycaps bring a new, smooth, soothing color theme to your keyboard. These have a soothing color theme that’s easy on the eyes too. The set sports a bright but subtle off-white alpha key color with a classic grey old-school finish.

IDOBAO Granite Keycaps-3

These have been made using high-density PBT materials that are treated with a high-gloss dye-sublimed finish. The printed characters here are clearly visible and are highly durable. You won’t see them fading away anytime soon. The 9009 keycaps have an XDA profile and these are available in two different variants. First having English characters and the second with English+Russian characters.

IDOBAO Granite Keycaps-4

IDOBAO has priced the 9009 XDA V2 keycaps for 25.99$. Check more information here.

IDOBAO Graffiti MA Profile Keycaps Set:-

Bring a taste of fun and awesomeness to your keyboards with the all-new IDOBAO Graffiti MA profile keycaps. The keycaps here use black plating on the surface with beautifully carved legends that have a comic design feel to them with cartoonish characters set against flat keycaps.

IDOBAO Graffiti Keycaps-1

The legends on this set are completely see-through and they glow up on RGB keyboards. Each keycap here is made using high-quality ABS material with solid contours and long-lasting durability. These keycaps simply bring a fun element to your keyboards with their comic-styled designer legends.

IDOBAO Graffiti MA Keycaps

IDOBAO Graffiti MA Profile Keycaps are available in Graffiti Black and Graffiti White color options, these are priced at 35.99$ for a set of 127 keycaps. Know more information here.

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