Kailh Launches Brand New "Box Winter" Advanced Tactile Mechanical Switches

Kailh is a reputed name in the mechanical switch industry. They are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of mechanical switches worldwide. Almost every other brand has used some or the other Mechanical Switch offerings from Kailh. Recently, Kailh has introduced a brand new collection of mechanical switches, presenting the all-new Kailh Winter Tactile switches. These are finely crafted high-performance mechanical switches with a Box structure design from Kailh. They offer excellent typing pleasure with a satisfying rebound and long durability, exactly the things one looks for in a mechanical switch.

Kailh Box Winter-1

Kailh Box Winter switches are launched officially in sets of 10 switches priced at 6.80$ per set. Know more details here.

Kailh Winter mechanical switches have smooth Tactile feedback. They adopt Kailh’s famous Box Structure for a comfortable and solid build. Kailh has featured a light guide column on the build that passes through the RGB effects of the keyboard kit.  The switches have an extended 20mm long spring that gives them an enhanced rebound experience during typing. Kailh Winter switches have super smooth typing with tactile feedback that gives a satisfying experience for the users.

Kailh has crafted the Winter mechanical switches using high-quality components with each component carefully selected to optimize the build and experience. The switches have a powder blue appearance with high-quality PC material top cover and POM material shaft and bottom cover. They have a solid build with a dustproof and waterproof design. Kailh has equipped them with a five-pin design that ensures a firm and stable placement in their respective sockets. With their 5-pin design, the Kailh Winter switches are compatible with most hot-swappable keyboards out there.

Kailh Box Winter-2

Kailh Winter is an ideal choice for both official usage and entertainment usage. They have a solid build with delicate tactile typing feedback and a smooth rebound with an extended spring. The Winter switches are suitable for RGB keyboards as well with their Light-guide column. They are quite interesting and affordable as well. Kailh has priced them at 6.80$ for a set of 10 switches. Check out more details here.

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