Kalih Launches Latest POM Material Mechanical Swtiches: Kalih Box Cream Pro

Back in 2021, Kalih came up with a mechanical switch made with full POM material released as the Kalih Box Cream Switches. They instantly became fan favorites for their smooth operation and stable typing experience. Today, Kalih has brought us an update to the same, presenting the all-new Kalih Box Cream Pro mechanical switches. The new Kalih Cream Pro mechanical switches use the latest POM material developed by Kalih. It is a composite material referred to as KH18.

Kalih Box Cream Pro POM-1

Kalih Cream Pro POM switches are launched officially in the sets of 10 switches per pack. Each pack is priced at 12$, you can check out more information from here.

Following the brand’s word, this new KH18 material-based POM Pro material has further improved the wearing resistance of the POM material. It has also reduced the coefficient of the friction that happens inside the switch upon key press. This results in a smoother typing experience while retaining the unique and clear sound of the POM switches. The switches have a linear actuation. 

Kalih Box Cream Pro POM-2

Following the market trends and consumer preferences, Kalih Cream Pro mechanical switches adopt a long spring with a strong rebound. This allows the switches to provide a clear, smooth typing experience with a strong rebound. Compared to the previous edition of POM switches(Kalih Box Cream), the latest Kalih Box Cream Pro switches get better durability too. With reduced friction between the switch components, the life of the POM Pro switches is greatly improved. They have an improved durability rating of 50 million keystrokes.

Kalih Box Cream Pro Mechanical Switches have a light trigger. They work at a low trigger force of 45±10gF with an actuation point of just 1.7±0.5mm. The total shaft travel distance is 4.0±0.3mm. With the Kalih Cream Pro switches users will get a lightweight trigger with soft shaft travel. 

Kalih Box Cream Pro POM-3

Kalih Box Cream Pro POM Switches bring a new life to your keyboards with their smooth, linear actuation, low trigger force, and high durability. POM Pro material ensures you get a soft typing experience with a unique clear typing sound. The Kalih Box Cream Pro switches are launched for just 12$ for a set of 10 switches. Feel free to check them out here.

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