Keychron Introduces "Q9": Ultra-Compact 40% Mechanical Keyboard

Over the years, Keychron has gained the trust of keyboard enthusiasts with its pretty solid range of mechanical keyboards. They have a huge catalog of mechanical keyboards available in different form factors like 60%, 75%, TKL, Full-Sized, and more. Today, Keychron has come up with a brand new 40% mechanical keyboard, the Keychron Q9. Q9 features a new innovative Double Gasket structure with a CNC machined aluminum body. 40% means the Q9 will just have the alphabet keys along with a few addition keys like the arrow keys, etc. As an addition, Keychron has also featured a multi-function knob on the Q9. It supports both Mac and Windows systems easily switchable with a simple slider button.

Keychron Q9-1

Keychron Q9 has a double-gasket design. In addition to the gaskets on the plates, Keychron has also added silicone pads between the top and bottom cases to significantly reduce the sound resonance between the metals and effectively reduce the noise from the keyboard. This heavily improves the flexibility of the gasket structure and also improves the overall typing acoustics. Your keystrokes are smooth and produce a soft, rich sound.

Keychron Q9-2

Keychron Q9 will be available as a fully assembled keyboard, but each and every single component on the keyboard is easily swappable. It has a hot-swappable PCB allowing the users to replace the switches as they like. The keyboard houses a nicely-finished CNC machined aluminum alloy body. It features a fully backlit RGB design with south-facing LEDs for a bright backlight effect. Q9 comes assembled with OSA profile high-quality PBT keycaps. They have a rich matte finish and are highly durable.

Keychron Q9 is just announced as of now with no information regarding the price. It will be available in three beautiful color options, available in mid of August.

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