Kalih Releases "Turbo" POM Material Switches For Mechanical Keyboards

Kalih is among the top manufacturers of mechanical switches today. Their switches are being used by premium brands for their mechanical keyboards. Today Kalih has released a new set of mechanical switches, the Kalih Box “Turbo” switches. As you might have guessed by their name, these new switches offer quick, light triggers with purely mechanical switch feedback for a pure typing experience. The Turbo series switches have an MX category with a four-snap buckle wall stem structure. This makes them compatible with most keycaps out there.

Kalih Box Turbo Mechanical Switches-1

The new Kalih Turbo switches are available in a variety of actuation options. This includes four different feels, including Red Linear Turbo Switches, Brown Tactile Turbo Switches, Silent Red Quiet Linear Turbo Switches, and Silver Linear Turbo switches. These four in our opinion will cater to most users, you want traditional linear feedback, the Kalih Red Turbo switches, for fast trigger and silent operation, the Kalih Silver Turbo switches are there for you, and so on. These have a high durability rating of up to 80 million keystrokes which is pretty impressive.

Kalih Box Turbo Mechanical Switches-2

Kalih has designed the new Turbo switches with a new mold structure design. This new mold structure design ensures an accurate typing experience. The new switches have been polished to further improve their smoothness. The Turbo Switches from Kalih are made using Kalih’s newly developed high-smoothness POM material. With premium POM material, the Kalih Turbo switches have smooth typing feedback and a low-friction coefficient. The stem of these Kalih Turbo switches is made using this POM material. POM material switches offer ultra-smooth typing!!

Kalih Box Turbo Mechanical Switches-3

Kalih Turbo switches will be debuting in the international market soon enough with the release of the latest DURGOD K610W and K620W wireless mechanical keyboards. The Kalih Turbo Switches will be soon available for independent purchases as well.

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