Meet The KZZI K68: 65% Ultra-Compact Three-Mode Wireless Keyboard WIth Quick Switch Knob

We have got a brand new release from KZZI, the latest K68, a highly-versatile 68-key 65% compact mechanical keyboard. With triple-mode connections and a quick mode switching knob, connecting and using the K68 is effortless. KZZI has designed it with gasket mounted structure. It adopts premium TTC mechanical switches for rich typing feedback. The keycaps here are made using high-quality PBT material. KZZI K68 promises a quality experience with its boatload of features such as Full-key conflict-free typing, full-key hot-swappable sockets, finely-tuned stabilizers, and more.

KZZI K68-1

KZZI K68 mechanical keyboard comes in a variety of beautiful color options, and a variety of TTC mechanical switches. It is priced at 79.99$, refer here for more information.

KZZI K68 keyboard adopts a gasket-mounted structure design. The PC position board is mounted onto the top and bottom covers using screwless gasket mounts. The keyboard actually has 4-layers of sound-absorbing cotton, one under the PCB plate, one sandwich padding layer, and double bottom padding layers. This effectively fills the empty internal space and eliminates most of the cavity sounds. It also absorbs keystroke pressure and results in smoother typing feedback. KZZI K68 keyboard features premium TTC high-performance mechanical switches. This includes TTC’s latest launched Flaming Purple, Speed Silver V2, and Gold Pink V2 switches. With the help of Hot-Swappable Sockets, users will be able to easily replace the switches whenever required.

KZZI K68-2

K68 saves you a lot of space on your desktop. It retains most of the useful keys like the Alphanumeric, Arrow keys, etc. The keyboard supports triple connection modes including high-speed Wireless 2.4GHz, multi-device wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB Type-C connections. The keyboard also houses an extra USB port that can act as a USB expansion port when the keyboard is being used in wired mode. Users will be able to easily switch between these modes with the help of a quick switch knob present at the top-right corner of the keyboard.

KZZI K68-3

Designed with the full-key conflict-free operation, the KZZI K68 keyboard ensures smooth, accurate typing with no ghosting issues. The keyboard adopts a full-key RGB backlight with multiple pre-built effects for personalization. It also supports musical rhythmic effects for the backlight. KZZI K68 houses a large 2000mAh lithium-ion built-in battery that provides a long battery life of up to 250 hours on a single charge!! Add the K68 to your desktop and experience a new world of smooth typing with a 65% compact keyboard!! It is available in multiple color options, priced at 79.99$!!

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