LoFree: Redesigning Our World With Retro Styled Keyboards & More!!

Originally founded back in 2013, Lofree is a well-reputed name in the industry today. They are very well known for their excellent collection of uniquely designed products that consists of mechanical keyboards, mice, calculators, Bluetooth speakers, and many more. Today our team visited their factory where we checked out their premium Lipstick and Milk Tea series of mechanical keyboards. Believe us the Build, the design, and the overall feel of both of these keyboards are completely unique. In our discussions with Lofree today, we got to know about their brand history and got to know so much about them. Like their beginning, their growth over the years, and their future plans.


Lofree is a fashion lifestyle brand founded by Mr. Chu Minghua. With over 15 years of experience in designing premium electronic products for multiple famous brands in China, Mr. Chu Minghua kept the theme of Lofree to be simple and elegantly designed modern products with a retro feel and design. And it’s not just the founder who is an experienced designer, all employees of Lofree have a design industry background. Lofree has always kept its focus to design simple and elegant-looking products with a retro feel to them. They cater to built a beautiful and interesting life around our surroundings, our 2 square meter space where we keep our most handy products. For this they have focused on designing products for our office usage like Mechanical Keyboards, Mice with Mechanical Switches, Calculators, Bluetooth Speakers, and even Table Fans, all of these with a classy retro theme design providing us with a unique experience.

Lofree History:-

The first-ever product from Lofree was a newly-designed mechanical keyboard that was made available on a crowdfunding platform. People loved the unique design of the LoFree keyboard and the project got thousands of orders from all around the globe, greatly exceeding the crowdfunding campaign target. Later on, Lofree launched its product catalog on the JingDong Mall in 2017. In 2019, their Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with Blooming dots ranked 7th on Weibo's hot search list with over 100 million topics on the forum. The brand has been nominated for several design and technological awards and they have brought home many of them awards too!!


Lofree Product Catalog:-

Lofree has three different categories of products, Office Category, Leisure Category, and Beauty Category. In the office category they have released Bluetooth keyboards, Wireless Mouse, Notebook stands, etc. The Leisure category includes Bluetooth Speakers, Table fans, Desktop Lamps, etc. The Beauty category by Lofree features Makeup Brushes, Storage Boxes, etc.  All three of these categories consist of high-quality products that are always within our reach(Two Square Meters).


Lofree Brand Cooperations:-

So far Lofree has collaborated with multiple brands including B.Duck, Tmall, Kumaon, and many more. They collaborated in 2017 with Kumaon from Japan and launched a collaborative model. 2018 brought them cooperation with B.Duck, from Hong Kong for a collaborative model. In 2019, they cooperated with “National Treasure” team and jointly launched the Limited edition of “Lou Shen Fu”. The same year(2019), they collaborated with Tmall to launch a custom gift box of a blooming rose gold keyboard. Today, Lofree products are being sold worldwide across hundreds of stores.


Lofree Awards and Recognitions:-

For the past few years, Lofree has won several awards for its unique and elegantly designed products. In 2018, the Lofree mechanical keyboard, Bluetooth speaker, Table Lamp, etc, won the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award. 2021 brought LoFree multiple awards including Jinxi Award in the 7th Gotrend. They became the most popular brand among consumers in the power list of Chinese furniture brands.


Lofree Inspiration & Vision:-

Over the years, Lofree has shown great design and creativity with its beautiful creative products. Lofree has always taken a mission to present us with top-quality and uniquely designed products. The brand aims to improve the quality and create a rich user experience with each of their products. Today Lofree has a huge market base with multiple successful products under their name. Lofree aims to design top-quality products that users will benefit from every single day!! After today’s meeting at their factory, MechKeys will surely deal with Lofree bringing you their products at the best prices available online. Check out more details here.

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