MechKeys Biggest Sale of the Year: Make Your Double 11 Special With Exclusive Offers!!

The biggest festival of the year is right around the corner. November calls for the Double 11 sale, the grandest sale of the year awaits you. Mechkeys this year is participating in the festival bringing you exciting offers, crazy deals, and amazing discounts on a huge range of products featuring premium quality mechanical keyboards, high-performance gaming mice, beautiful keycaps, and many more products. We have partnered with top brands in the industry including JamesDonkey, Darmoshark, Lofree, ZAOPIN, etc. bringing you up 30% off on 50+ brands. We assure you, that these will be the best deals you will see this year. Our Double 11 sale begins on 11th November and will be active until 17th November 2023. You can buy your favourite products at never before prices, only during our double 11 sales. So, what are you waiting for, get your wallets ready and fill up your carts with the best deals this season!! Let’s explore some of our favourite deals this Double 11!! You can also get amazing deals on our Aliexpress store as well.

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro: Ultimate Performer, Pocket-Friendly Deal!!

Retail: $49.99.

Double 11 Deal: $42.29.

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is a premium gaming mouse that houses class-leading core chips including PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor and NORDIC 52840 main core chipset. The mouse offers impressive performance with silky smooth mouse tracking and precise accuracy. Users can adjust the DPI up to 26000DPI. It has an adjustable return rate supporting 1000Hz, 2000Hz, and even 4000Hz return rate with a supported 4K receiver. The ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is one of the lightest mice weighing in at just 46 grams, offering incredible grip and control to the users. ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is the perfect mouse that anyone can buy today. We will be offering a discounted deal of 42.29$ during our double 11 sale.

Mechkeys x Z Reviews Rinko Touch Keycaps: Revive Your Keyboard With These Amazing Keycaps!!

Retail: $69.99.

Double 11 Deal: $48.99.

Are you bored of the regular keycaps on your keyboard?? Simply replace them with the amazing Rinko Touch Keycaps designed in collaboration with Z Reviews. These amazing PBT material keycaps have a designer look featuring the “Rinko” character. They come as a set of 156 keycaps matching perfectly for different layouts and also include some supplementary keycaps. Since these are made using PBT material, the durability and in-hand feel of the keycaps are simply amazing. We are bringing you guys the best deals on the Rinko Touch Keycaps making them available for just 48.99$ during our double 11 sale, make sure you grab yours and put new life to your keyboard.

Darmoshark M3 4K Mouse: Upgrade your Game With 4K Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $69.99.

Double 11 Deal: $66.49.

The biggest and most affordable upgrade one can have in their setup to improve their gaming performance is a high-performance gaming mouse with 4K return rate support. We are bringing you just right that, grab an amazing deal on the Darmoshark M3 4K gaming mouse. It is a solid flagship-level performer with a lightweight design, three-mode connectivity, flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor, Kailh GM8.0 Black Mamba micro-motion switches, etc. as key features. If you are looking to grab a new mouse, the Darmoshark M3 4K definitely deserves a chance, and during this double 11, we are even sweetening up the deal for you. Make sure you check out this amazing mouse!!

WAIZOWL OGM Pro: Excellent Mouse With Premium Features!!

Retail: $99.99.

Double 11 Deal: $94.99.

WAIZOWL’s OGM Pro is a mouse which is usually suggested for its versatile three-mode connectivity, flagship PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor, comfortable ergonomic shape, and lightweight build structure are some of the key features of this amazing gaming mouse. It offers silky smooth tracking along with a stable connection to the source device with a maximum DPI of up to 26000. The OGM Pro promises quality performance helping you enhance your game with improved connectivity and faster response time. Grab the amazing WAIZOWL OGM Pro during our Double 11 sale for just 94.99$.

Lofree 1% Dual-Mode Keyboard: Experience Enriching Transparent Keyboard!!

Retail: $219.99.

Double 11 Deal: $197.99.

Lofree is one of those brands that focuses on delivering exclusively crafted products which are pleasing to the eye and also come equipped with advanced functions and features. You must be aware of their famous Lofree 1% dual-mode transparent keyboard, this is a one of its kind keyboard with a completely transparent design. The chassis, the keycaps, and even the mechanical switches here are specially crafted to have a completely transparent finish. This is the perfect keyboard that blends together perfect design, transparent design, and advanced features such as dual-mode connectivity, premium switches, etc. This is the best time to order the Lofree 1% for yourself as the keyboard will be available for a stunning deal at just 197.99$ during our Double 11 sales!!

LOFREE OE909: Cute & Elegant Mouse With Hot-Swappable Buttons!!

Retail: $79.99.

Double 11 Deal: $71.99.

LOFREE has a beautiful mouse as well, we have the LOFREE OE909 an aesthetically designed mouse with hot-swappable buttons. The left and right keys can be replaced easily, you can even purchase the mous with designer keys as well. The mouse has three-mode versatile connectivity. It also has a built-in OLED display screen. It’s an amazing mouse, a solid one for everyday usage. Grab the amazing LOFREE OE909 for just 71.99$ during our double 11 sale.

Monsgeek M3W: Fully-Assembled Keyboard as well as DIY Keyboard Kit!!

Retail: Starts at $109.99.

Double 11 Deal: $104.49.

Monsgeek M3W has two different purchase options, you can either buy a DIY keyboard kit or you can buy a fully assembled keyboard as well. The kit allows you to make the keyboard with your choice of switches and keycaps while the completely built keyboard comes with both. It has an 87-key TKL layout, and if you buy the fully-built one, you will get gradient-themed premium quality PBT keycaps. The Monsgeek M3W is a complete package for both casual as well as serious enthusiasts. Both the kit and pre-built keyboard share the same set of features including RGB backlight, Hot-swappable sockets, multi-layered internal padding for shock and sound absorption, and more. Simply get the best at the best deal during our Double 11, the Monsgeek M3W starts at just 104.49$.

AKKO MOD007B-HE: Experience The Charm of Magnetic Mechanical Switches!!

Retail: $249.99.

Double 11 Deal: $224.99.

AKKO MOD007B-HE brings you the all-new magnetic switch technology. These switches help you adjust the trigger response with ease. Users can adjust the trigger response with rapid trigger and Dynamic keystroke mode, Rapid trigger provides a fast trigger by light trigger force while the DKS mode enables four different functions on a single keystroke. It’s highly useful and greatly enhances your experience when used properly. AKKO knows their craft, the keyboard is full of features including RGB backlight, hot-swappable sockets, three-mode connectivity, PBT keycaps, etc. Enjoy an exciting deal on the AKKO MOD007B-HE Magnetic Switch keyboard during our Double 11 sale.

FEKER Alice98: Most Unique Keyboard You Can Grab This Sale!!

Retail: $179.99.

Double 11 Deal: $161.99.

Do you want something unique in terms of your next keyboard? The FEKER Alice98 might be the perfect one for you. It is a beautifully crafted three-mode mechanical keyboard with an Alice Split layout. The keyboard features a gasket-mounted structure design along with a high-quality PC positioning board, and multi-layered internal padding, ensuring comfortable typing feedback for its users. Alice layout is special and unique in its own way. Make sure you grab this beauty during our Double 11 Sale!!

JamesDonkey RS2 3.0: Compact Keyboard WIth Colorful Display Screen!!

Retail: $115.

Double 11 Deal: $98.59.

This is probably our favourite deal this double 11 season. RS2 3.0 is the third generation of the highly-acclaimed RS2 series of compact 99-key mechanical keyboards. It features a stunning colourful display screen and a multifunction knob. The keyboard offers silky smooth typing with Gateron G Pro 2.0 Silver and Kailh Box V2 Red mechanical switches. It also has an enhanced gasket pro structure design ensuring super comfortable typing feedback. Play around with a dynamic RGB backlight. JamesDonkey RS2 3.0 finds the perfect spot in every system with its exclusive range of products, grab it for an extraordinary deal price of 98.59$ this season!!

PHYLINA S450: Ultimate Lightweight Dual-Mode Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $49.99.

Double 11 Deal: $44.99.

PHYLINA S450 is a lightweight high-end dual-mode gaming mouse that offers exquisite performance. Equipped with a flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor, The PHYLINA S450 brings top-quality performance with elegant aesthetics. The mouse offers excellent performance with silky-smooth tracking and fast response time. It weighs only 53 grams, and combining it with its ergonomic shape, we have a comfortable gripping gaming mouse. It has a beautiful transparent base connected to the simple and elegant chassis. PHYLINA S450 is available at an interesting price of just 44.99$, make sure you grab this beauty during our double 11 sale.

Final Words:-

Double 11 is the grandest festival of the year, every year enthusiasts wait to find the best deal on products. This year, we make sure you get exclusive offers on top-quality mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, and keycaps. You will find amazing offers with up to 30% of top products from famous brands in the industry. We are also offering a giveaway featuring JamesDonkey RS2 3.0. You can check out more information on the giveaway on our website. For the complete sales catalogue, have a look at the store page here. You can write to us at for any further assistance or queries.

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