Monsgeek M1 V2 Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard With PBT OEM Height Keycaps and Aluminum Chassis

Monsgeek has come up with a brand new compact 75% three-mode mechanical keyboard, introducing the all-new Monsgeek M1 V2. The M1 V2 come as a successor to the award-winning M1 mechanical keyboard that came out last year. Monsgeek as a brand is well-recognized among keyboard enthusiasts as they offer an exciting range of products especially keyboard kits and fully assembled keyboards. The latest M1 V2 is a fully assembled keyboard that comes with high-quality PBT original height keycaps and comes loaded with advanced features including three-mode connectivity, hot-swappable sockets, a PC positioning plate, etc. Monsgeek M1 V2 starts at 99.99$ for the single-mode wired variant, and the three-mode premium variant is priced at 109.99$. You can check out more details here. It’s launched in five stunning color options including Purple, Black, Blue, etc.

Monsgeek M1 V2-1

Monsgeek M1 V2 has a neat and compact arrangement. The keyboard features an 82-key streamlined layout with a multifunction knob. This knob offers easy adjustment between volume and brightness. The keyboard itself has a premium finish, it features exciting elements in its build including colorful and designer OEM height PBT keycaps, a high-quality aluminium shell, etc. In order to provide excellent typing feedback, Monsgeek has designed its internal structure with a PC material positioning plate and PORON Sandwich cotton padding. The typing feedback on the M1 V2 is silky smooth and you also get soft acoustics upon keystrokes.

Monsgeek M1 V2-2

Monsgeek M1 V2 supports easy connection with multiple devices. It supports three-mode convenient connection options including Wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired connection modes. You can enjoy your keyboard with different devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs, etc. It packs a high-capacity 6000mAh battery to provide an incredible battery life. You won’t have to charge the keyboard again and again, a complete charge will last you for days with the power-efficient design of the M1 V2.

Monsgeek has launched the M1V2 in two stock switch options, the V3 Pro Cream Yellow and V3 Pro Cream Blue, for enthusiasts the keyboard also offers easy switch replacement with its hot-swappable sockets. Get an experience of your own choice with the M1 V2 keyboard. It features full-color RGB backlight with multiple lighting effects to choose from. Enjoy a comfortable typing experience on the Monsgeek M1 V2 keyboard. The keyboard is launched in five stunning color options, each one looking better than the other, You can grab this beautiful keyboard starting at just $99.99. Check out more details here.

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