MechKeys Summer Carnival Sales: Exciting Offers, Incredible Discounts!!

Summer is just here and the weather has already started rising in temperature. But the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up, We are super excited to bring you our latest Summer Carnival Sale. Starting from 1st June, our Summer Carnival is beginning, we assure you are going to get incredible offers, crazy discounts, and amazing deals on a wide range of products. We’re slashing prices with up to 30% off for famous products from the top brands in the industry. So what are you waiting for?? Get your wallets ready and prepare to upgrade your setup with lightning-fast mechanical keyboards, highly-precise gaming mice, top-quality keycaps, etc. Don’t miss this chance, who knows your new products will bring a cool breeze to ease on the strong heatwave this summer!! Check out our sales catalog here, and you can also check out our AliExpress store for exclusive deals.

MechKeys x Z Review Rinko Touch Keycaps: Bring Rinko To Your Keyboard!!

Price: $69.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $48.99.

Rinko Touch brings you the charm and playful behaviour of Rinko to your keyboard. This is an exclusively designed set of PBT material keycaps that are designed for an exclusive look and feel. The set completes the character of Rinko onto your keyboard and at the same time brings her playful emotions in the form of artistic keycaps. The RinkoTouch Keycaps completely transforms the look and feel of your keyboard and makes it look eye-catchy and charming. It consists of 156 keycaps which makes it compatible with different keyboard layouts including 65%, 75%, 80%, 100%, etc. So, are you treating your keyboard with the designer Rinko Touch Keycaps??

UTYPING NekoTouch Keycaps: The Charismatic Neko!!

Price: $69.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $59.49.

Similar to Rinko Touch Keycaps, these latest UTYPING NEKO Touch Keycaps are here during our Summer Carnival Sale. This one brings us the Neko character to our Keyboard. Neko is another beasty character from the See Audio Line up. She is a strong and willful character with a strong charisma and playful emotions. UTYPING has developed these with highly-durable PBT material. The NEKOTOUCH Keycaps brings you the entire charm and charismatic persona right to your keyboard. Get an exclusive offer on the NEKOTOUCH Keycaps and treat your keyboard with the NEKO Touch Keycaps.

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro: Solid Performance 4K Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $46.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $40.88.

Next up, we have this outstanding wireless gaming mouse from ZAOPIN, the ZAOPIN Z1 Pro. The premium 4K gaming mice combines the power of the NORDIC 52840 efficient main control chipset and high-end PAW3395 sensor together to bring us an outstanding performance. The Z1 Pro has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI, and it has amazing tracking control with precise accuracy all thanks to its premium-quality high-end sensor. It is a high-end flagship-level gaming mouse with a feather-like ultra-lightweight design coming in at just 46 grams. If you are a gamer or a keyboard or a gadget enthusiast, the ZAOPIN Z1 Pro will definitely be a great choice!!

ZAOPIN Z2: Hot-Swappable Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $59.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $52.19.

Next up, we have a discounted deal on the latest launch from ZAOPIN, grab their latest Z2 4K wireless gaming mouse with hot-swappable sockets at a never-before-deal price. ZAOPIN Z2 is a fantastic mouse, it is an ideal mouse for gamers hitting all the sweet spots like 4K polling rate, PAW3395 flagship sensor, ultra-lightweight ergonomic form factor, etc. ZAOPIN has equipped the mouse with highly durable and silky smooth TTC Gold 660M micro-motion switches, they can also be replaced easily as the mouse features hot-swappable sockets for the left and right buttons. ZAOPIN Z2 is nowadays one of our default recommendations for users, are you excited about this one??

Incott Ghero: 8K Wireless Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $59.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $52.19.

Are you looking for a comfortable lightweight gaming mouse with ultimate 8000hz Polling rate support? Incott Ghero might fit your requirements with its excellent ergonomics, solid performance components, and pocket-friendly price point. With a customized PAW3395 flagship sensor, the Incott Ghero offers excellent precision and accuracy with a maximum sensitivity of 32000DPI. You can customize your sensitivity with 50DPI accuracy. The mouse supports an 8000Hz polling rate which makes the Ghero 8K about 8 times faster than a normal gaming mouse!! Incott Ghero is a fantastic recommendation for people looking for high-quality performance at a pocket-friendly price. We just bring a sweeter deal during our Summer Carnival Sale!!

WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K Mouse: Lightweight 4K Three-Mode Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $59.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $52.19.

WAIZOWL Cloud 4K is an ideal wireless three-mode gaming mouse. It features lightweight build ergonomics and WAIZOWL’s Surpass Speed Technology that instantly improves the connection. It comes equipped with a flagship-level PAW3395 sensor promising a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. The WAIZOWL Cloud also supports a 4K polling rate bringing instant response to your movements. The WAIZOWL Cloud 4K is a fantastic choice for everyday gaming mouse, get it for an incredible deal during our Summer Carnival sale!!

WAIZOWL Fukurou: High-Performance E-Sports Gaming Mouse Pad!!

Price: $39.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $37.99.

WAIZOWL also has this stunning mousepad known as the WAIZOWL Fukurou. It has a stunning figurative Night-Owl design on the top surface which looks quite exciting. The mousepad has a finely woven top surface that gives a neutral, slippery surface perfect for a balanced controlled glide of the mouse. The Fukurou mousepad is liquid-resistant and also has a non-slippery rubber bottom surface. WAIZOWL Fukurou is an amazing mousepad designed for balanced operation. You can get the Fukurou mousepad at a discount deal during our Summer Carnival!!

Darmoshark M3-S: Lightweight Three-Mode Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $59.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $50.99.

Darmoshark M3-S is a lightweight ergonomic mouse that supports a maximum polling rate of 2000Hz. It houses PAW3395 high-end optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. The M3-S has a feather-like lightweight design and offers excellent performance with the flagship-grade sensor. Darmoshark has also featured TTC dustproof micro-motion switches and a TTC golden scroll wheel for durable performance with the M3-S. The M3-S offers superb performance with precise accuracy and accurate tracking performance. You can get the Darmoshark M3-S at an exciting discounted deal during our Summer Carnival Sale!!

LoFree OE909: Unique Design, Great Performance!!

Price: $69.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $59.49.

Lofree needs no introduction among the enthusiasts. The brand is known for its artistic design approach offering a special range of Keyboards and mice. We are bringing an exciting discounted deal for their unique OE909 mouse. This three-mode convenient mouse has a unique design approach and features hot-swappable buttons. The Left and Right buttons can be replaced with other designer options. It also features an OLED display screen that provides basic information related to the mouse functionality. LOFREE OE909 is a brilliantly designed mouse that has a captivating design and unique feel, a perfect mouse for different scenarios with a designer and unique feel, a perfect mouse for different scenarios, You can get a discounted deal on this beautiful mouse, treat yourself this Summer season with the all-amazing Lofree OE909!!

AULA F75: Compact TKL 75% Keyboard!!

Price: $69.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $62.99.

AULA is a fantastic new 75% compact keyboard with leaf-spring gasket-mounted structure design. AULA has featured five-layered internal padding for silky smooth typing feedback. You will feel every single keystroke and get a super satisfying typing experience every time you use the F75. It adopts 1.2mm single-key slotted PCB board that also helps in providing comfortable typing feedback with stable operation. We have OEM height dual-tone PBT keycaps for durable build along with full-key hot-swappable sockets for DIY switch replacement. AULA F75 is one of our favorites this sale season, if you are looking for a compact 75% TKL keyboard, you should definitely get one during the Summer Carnival Sale!!

PHYLINA S450: Dual-Mode Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $49.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $44.99.

PHYLINA S450 is a highly comfortable and high-performance gaming mouse. It has dual-mode connectivity and houses the flagship PAW3395 sensor. The mouse offers excellent tracking accuracy and pixel-precise smoothness and a fast response time a well. The S450 weighs just 53 grams combined with the ergonomic shape, we get great comfort making it an ideal choice for gamers. It’s a high-performance gaming mouse that offers quality performance with great comfort, get an exciting offer price during our Summar Carnival sale!!

Edifier Hecate G3M Pro: Three-Mode Lightweight Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $39.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $35.99.

The G3M Pro from EDIFIER HECATE is a brilliant three-mode wireless gaming mouse. With dual operating modes, users can choose between gaming or silent clicking mode on the G3M Pro. The mouse is equipped with a flagship PAW3395 sensor promising pixel-precise accuracy and a smooth tracking experience. The G3M Pro supports easy three-mode connectivity supporting wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection modes. For competitive gamers, the Edifier Hecate G3M Pro is a fantastic mouse. Grab it at a solid deal during our Summer Carnival Sale beginning today.

WAIZOWL Lighting 60: Compact 60% Keyboard With Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $129.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $119.59.

WAIZOWL Lighting 60 is a compact 60% keyboard with new-generation Magnetic switches. The keyboard offers an adjustable trigger with 48-level adjustment between 0.2mm and 3.8 mm. With its new-generation Magnetic Switches, the Lightning 60 breaks through the barriers of traditional keyboards and brings us full customizability with 48-level adjustable sensitivity, Rapid Trigger response, etc. The keyboard is equipped with a gasket-mounted internal structure that further guarantees comfortable typing feedback. WAIZOWL Lighting 60 is among our default recommendations for people who are looking for a compact 60% keyboard and magnetic switches, we have further sweetened the deal this summer season for an exclusive offer during our Summer Carnival sale.

ESPTIGER Shan Hai Series Mousepad: Five Variants, Five Surface Options!!

Price: $55.19.

Summer Carnival Sale: $53.19.

ESPTIGER recently came up with the Shan Hai series of high-quality gaming mousepads. It comes in five different variants, and each variant has a different level of surface smoothness. One can simply choose the one that fits perfectly for their own requirements. ESPTIGER Shan Hai is an amazing pad suitable for different use case scenarios, from gamers to professionals, we are sure everyone is going to enjoy the ultimate performance of the mousepad. The Shan Hai series features a high-quality top surface for solid performance. Get the ESPTIGER Shan Hai mousepad during our Summer Carnival Feast!!

JamesDonkey RS2 3.0: 99-Key Keyboard with Colorful Display Screen!!

Price; $115.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $92.79.

JamesDonkey RS2 3.0 is a brand new 99-key keyboard with colorful display screen.  Equipped with premium Gateron G Pro 2.0 and Kailh Box V2 mechanical switches, the RS2 3.0 offers outstanding performance with comfortable and satisfying typing feedback.  It also features a multifunction knob and a full-colour RGB backlight that provides you with a premium user experience. JamesDonkey RS2 3.0 is a keyboard that fits perfectly into different setups and provides a complete list of advanced features. If you want a keyboard for your office or gaming setup, the RS2 3.0 by JamesDonkey is on our default recommendation list. Grab it for an exclusive offer during our Summer Carnival Sale!!

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75: Compact TKL Keyboard With Gateron Jade Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $199.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $179.99.

Next we have this amazing new gaming keyboard, the SIKAKEYB Castle CK75. It is a compact 75% TKL keyboard with new Gateron Jade magnetic switches. The keyboard has the hall-effect function of Magnetic switches featuring Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke functions as well. You can adjust the trigger point with a precise accuracy of 0.01mm between the 0.04mm to 4.0mm trigger range. SIKAKEYB offers a great typing experience, and matches it perfectly with a beautiful cyberpunk theme design. This is our favourite gaming keyboard this season. Get an exclusive discounted deal on the SIKAKEYB Castle CK75 this Summer Carnival sale!!

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro: 4K Wireless Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $49.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $45.99.

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro is a 4K wireless three-mode gaming mouse equipped with flagship-level PAW3395 sensor and NORDIC52840 main control chipset. The mouse offers excellent performance with fast trigger response, quicker tracking, precise and accurate mouse movement, etc. It has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI, and offers a great gaming experience. Are you ready to dive deeper into your games with the AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K gaming mouse!!

IROK ND75: Ultimate 8K Performance Magnetic Switch Keyboard!!

Price: $89.99.

Summer Carnival Sale: $80.99.

The IROK ND75 is a recently launched 75% compact TKL keyboard that comes equipped with second-generation Gateron Magnetic switches and supports 8K polling rate as well. With the magnetic switches here experience the charm of quick trigger, dynamic keystroke functions, as well as Adjustable keystrokes as well. The keyboard has an aluminum alloy positioning plate and offers RGB backlight as well for the perfect gaming experience. Do you plan to upgrade your keyboard?? The IROK ND75 is a fantastic choice with some top-tier features, get it during the Summer Carnival and enjoy some discounts as well.

Varmilo Minilo: Sweet, Elegant Compact Keyboard!!

Price: $154.99.

Summer Carnival Offer: $139.49.

Ok now something elegant and beautiful and compact as well, We are delighted to bring Varmilo Minilo keyboard to the Summer Carnival lineup. This stunning keyboard as a 75% compact form factor and has a uniquely charming color combination. Each color combo of this beautiful keyboard is soothing and pleasing to the eyes. You get a comfortable typing experience with custom Varmilo mechanical switches. Actually these soothing and elegant colors are the perfect ones for the Summer Season. Do check this one out, who knows which color you would like for your setup!!

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