Higround and Minecraft Collaborate to Celebrate Games as Art with Limited Edition Peripheral Series

In a remarkable fusion of gaming culture and artistic expression, peripheral manufacturer Higround has launched a limited edition series to celebrate the concept of "games as art," in collaboration with the globally beloved game "Minecraft." This special collection, which includes the Basecamp 65, Summit 65, and Performance 65 keyboards, as well as matching mouse pads and other accessories, brings the iconic blocky world of Minecraft into the realm of high-performance gaming peripherals.

Each product in the Higround x Minecraft series showcases artwork that vividly captures the essence of Minecraft's colorful and imaginative universe. From the pixelated landscapes to the distinctive characters and creatures, the designs pay homage to the game's unique aesthetic, which has captivated millions of players around the world.

Rustin Sotoodeh, Creative Director and Co-founder of Higround, articulated the vision behind the collaboration. “In many parts of society, video games are viewed as children’s entertainment. However, we believe that video games, especially games like Minecraft, are an art form. Through the game Minecraft, a creative generation was born who, for the first time ever, were able to build houses and design clothes at a young age. Our collaboration with Minecraft allows us to express the world and the creative side of the game."

Minecraft, since its release, has grown from a simple sandbox game into a cultural phenomenon, praised for its open-ended gameplay that encourages creativity and innovation. The game's influence on modern gaming and its ability to inspire creativity among players of all ages is undeniable. By partnering with Minecraft, Higround aims to honor this legacy and the artistic potential of video games.

The limited edition series includes three keyboard models, each designed to meet different performance needs:

  • Basecamp 65: A versatile keyboard ideal for both casual and professional use.
  • Summit 65: A high-performance keyboard tailored for serious gamers who demand precision and responsiveness.
  • Performance 65: The ultimate gaming keyboard engineered for eSports professionals and hardcore enthusiasts.

In addition to the keyboards, the series also features mouse pads and other accessories that complement the Minecraft-themed designs. These peripherals not only enhance the gaming experience but also serve as collectible items for fans of the game.

The Higround x Minecraft series is a testament to the evolving perception of video games in society. By highlighting the artistic elements of Minecraft, Higround underscores the idea that games can be powerful mediums of creative expression. This collaboration is a celebration of the creativity that games like Minecraft inspire and a recognition of their place in the broader cultural and artistic landscape.

As gaming continues to gain recognition as a legitimate form of art, partnerships like this one play a crucial role in challenging outdated perceptions and showcasing the artistic value of interactive entertainment. The Higround x Minecraft limited edition series keyboards is now available, offering fans a unique opportunity to own a piece of gaming history that celebrates the intersection of technology, creativity, and art.

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