MechKeys Summer Sale: Exciting Deals With Up to 45$ Off Only On Aliexpress Store

Summer is here and so are some of the exciting deals to elevate your experience. We at Mechkeys have partnered with JamesDonkey, Darmoshark, and WAIZOWL to bring you sizzling deals on your favorite products from these brands on our Aliexpress store. Get ready to elevate your gaming experience with top-quality mechanical keyboards, outstanding gaming mice, and several other products with unbeatable prices online!! Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, a professional typist, or simply seeking to upgrade your PC with high-quality Keyboards and Mice, Now is the time!! Our Summer Sale will be live on our Aliexpress store starting from 12th June and it will be active for a complete week till 18th June 2023!! So ready your wallets and Don’t miss out on this chance to snag a top-tier mechanical keyboard or gaming mouse for yourself!!

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You can check out our entire sales catalog on our Aliexpress store here. Let’s showcase some of our favorite deals this Summer Sale!!


Retail Price: 120$

Summer Deal: 82$

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WAIZOWL OGM Pro is a high-speed wireless mouse with three mode-connectivity, a high-speed PAW3395 gaming sensor, and a feather-like coating. The OGM Pro is known for its super comfortable grip all thanks to its feather-like smooth coating which makes it super soft to the touch. The PAW3395 optical sensor enables precise tracking and accurate aiming. It supports WAIZOWL’s Surpass Speed high-speed wireless connectivity that promises stable low-latency lag-free connection with the source device. The WAIZOWN OGM Pro is an ideal mouse for gamers hitting all the sweet spots!! The retail price of the WAIZOWL OGM Pro mouse is 120$, grab it for just 82$ during our Summer Sale event only on the Aliexpress store.

Darmoshark M3 Gaming Mouse:-

Retail Price: 60$

Summer Deal: 42$

Mechkeys Summer Sale-3

Darmoshark M3 is a highly-acclaimed gaming mouse with three-mode connectivity and an ultra-lightweight design. The mouse weighs just 58 grams, and with a comfortable ergonomic grip, the Comfort level of the M3 is unbeatable. Boasting a flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor, the M3 delivers unparalleled performance with a maximum DPI of 26000, 650IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration. It comes with high-quality Kailh Micro-motion switches for silky smooth operation. M3 is an ideal mouse for gamers looking for perfect performance with versatile connectivity at a friendly price point. We just made the deal better for you during our Summer Sale event, don’t forget to get one for yourself!!

JamesDonkey A3 Mechanical Keyboard:-

Retail Price: 108$

Summer Deal: 75$

Mechkeys Summer Sale-4

JamesDonkey A3 is a recently launched Three-mode mechanical keyboard with a compact 75% TKL layout. It features a multimedia knob for easy volume adjustment on the go. JamesDonkey has featured its advanced Gasket Pro Design which promises comfortable, elastic typing feedback. The A3 comes with customized Yellow-Switches and supports full-key hot-swappable design as well. It’s a beautifully built keyboard that promises comfortable typing!! We have made sure you get the best ever deal on the JamesDonkey A3 online priced at just 75$ on our Aliexpress store.

JamesDonkey RS2 2.0 RGB Mechanical Keyboard:-

Retail Price: 120$

Summer Deal: 81$

Mechkeys Summer Sale-5

In the entire lineup of offerings from JamesDonkey, the RS2 series of mechanical keyboards have a different charm of their own. RS2 2.0 is a 99-key compact keyboard with a gasket structure design and a multimedia volume knob. It is available with premium features such as high-performance Gateron G Pro 2.0 mechanical switches, high-quality PBT CSA profile keycaps, comfortable silicone padded EVA foam layered structure design, Soft Elastic Gasket Structure, and a vivid, colorful RGB backlight. RRS2 is often recommended by reviewers and enthusiasts as an amazing keyboard, we have just made its deal better for your with a never-before price of 81$ only available on our Aliexpress store.

For enthusiasts who like to create their keyboard from the ground up, you can also get a sweet deal on the RS2 2.0 RGB Keyboard kit which is also available at a discounted deal of 66$ only during our Summer Sale!!

JamesDonkey RS6 Mechanical Keyboard:-

Retail Price: 144$

Summer Deal: 99$

Mechkeys Summer Sale-6

RS6 from JamesDonkey is a compact 96-key keyboard with a colorful transparent chassis and metallic backplate. The keyboard comes equipped with high-quality Gateron G Pro mechanical switches. Users can also customize their experience with the keyboard as it supports hot-swappable sockets!! JamesDonkey has featured versatile three-mode connectivity on the keyboard that enables the user to easily connect it to their source and offers seamless switching between different sources as well. The RS6 retails for 144$, grab it at an exciting offer price of 99$ during our Summer Sale!!

JamesDonkey RS2 Rosy Mechanical Keyboard:-

Retail Price: 132$

Summer Deal: 81$

Mechkeys Summer Sale-7

Rosy is a special color variant of the famous JamesDonkey RS2 mechanical keyboard. It brings an elegant Red-Cream color theme. It comes with high-performance Gateron G Pro Silver 2.0 switches for silky smooth typing with a fast trigger. The RS2 Rosy also has dynamic RGB backlighting. It has all the functions and features of the RS2 including a 99-key layout, multimedia volume knob, three-mode connectivity, etc. JamesDonkey RS2 Rosy edition will be joining our discounted catalog of offerings during our Summer Sale with an unbeatable price of 81$, available only on our Aliexpress store!!

JamesDonkey RSH Retro OEM Keycaps:-

Retail Price: 43$

Summer Deal: 29$

Mechkeys Summer Sale-8

If you are a fan of retro-themed keycaps, the JamesDonkey RSH Retro OEM keycaps are something to look out for. Made up of high-quality PBT material, they offer amazing durability and the retro color theme is a treat for the eyes. The keycaps have an OEM profile which makes them suitable for most keyboards and comfortable for most users. The keycaps are crafted using a high-quality dye-sublimation process!! Grab the amazing JamesDonkey RSH Retro OEM keycaps for just 29$, the best price for these amazing keycaps ever!! The deal is available only on our Aliexpress store!!

Well, these were some of our personal recommendations to look for during the upcoming Summer Sale on our Aliexpress store. Enjoy exciting deals on sleek and versatile JamesDonkey keyboards to the cutting-edge technology and innovative design of Mouse from Darmoshark and WAIZOWL. We assure you, we have something for every gamer and enthusiast out there, make sure you drop by on our Aliexpres store here and check these deals for yourself!!

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