Lofree Block98 Three-Mode 98-Key Keyboard With Dual Shortcut Knobs

Lofree is a premium brand with a wide catalog of products featuring uniquely designed mechanical keyboards, mice, calculators, etc. Their keyboards are widely appreciated for their unique design and amazing build structures. Today, we welcome a brand new launch from Lofree, introducing the all-new Lofree Block98. Block98 is a 98-key keyboard with versatile three-mode connectivity and dual shortcut knobs. The keyboard boasts elegance with its retro-themed design. It looks simple yet so classy that you are gonna fall in love with it every time you use it!!

Lofree Block98-1

Lofree Block98 keyboard is launched officially for 169.99$. It is currently available on pre-order, you can check out more details here.

Lofree has designed the Block98 keyboard with a gasket structure design. The typing is comfortable, soft, and has elastic feedback. Every single keystroke can be felt and is extremely satisfying. Lofree has also featured multiple layered sound and shock-absorbing structures with a PC positioning board, Poron bottom cotton, silicone cushion, self-developed Satellite stabilizers, etc. This multi-layered structure further enhances your typing experience with reduced resonance noise!!

Lofree Block98-2

The Block98 keyboard has a 98-key layout with dual shortcut knobs. The layout includes everything from the numeric keypad to function row keys and alphanumeric keys, it’s an ideal layout for every scenario be it office or entertainment. Lofree has implemented two orange-colored knobs one of which is for adjusting volume, while the other is for switching between different modes(wired/wireless/on/off). The layout, and the form factor, just make it a bliss to use. Lofree has also featured a vertical status panel placed neatly between the alphanumeric keys and numeric keys. It showcases different settings including live connection mode, win-lock status, etc.

Lofree Block98-3

Lofree in collaboration with TTC has designed a new TTC Block switches. These are full POM material switches that come factory lubed for silky-smooth typing. Typing on the keyboard is effortless, it feels amazing and every single keystroke is satisfying!! Users can also replace the switches at will as the keyboard comes equipped with hot-swappable sockets. The Lofree Block98 keyboard has a vivid monochrome LED backlight. It features 14 different effects that help you customize your experience with the keyboard. The keyboards adopt high-quality PBT keycaps crafted using a dye-sublimation process. They have a durable build that is oil-free in the long run!!

Lofree Block98-4

Lofree has equipped the Block98 keyboard with a high-capacity 2000mAh battery pack. It provides long battery life with rated durability of up to 6 to 8 weeks with a single charge. Lofree Block98 is an elegantly built keyboard. It looks super cool and has a classy form factor. The keyboard is now available to purchase on a pre-order basis priced at 169.99$, shipments will begin shortly. Get yours here.

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