RoyalAxe Launches L75 & L98 Gasket-Mounted Three-Mode Hot-Swappable RGB Keyboards

RoyalAxe is a top-notch PC peripheral brand based in China. They have a wide range of mechanical keyboards with premium features and designs. Today, they have released two new mechanical keyboards, the L75, and the L98. Both the keyboards share the same set of features such as Gasket mounted structure, Premium TTC Titan Heart switches, TFT display, RGB strip, RGB backlight, PBT keycaps, triple-mode connections, etc, but they differ in terms of their form factor. The L75 is a 75-key TKL keyboard while the L98 is a 98-key compact custom full-sized keyboard!!

RoyalAxe L75 & L98-1

RoyalAxe L75 is launched for 150.99$ and the L98 is launched for 169.99$. They are available in three color options, Grey, Beige, and Blue. Refer here for more information.

RoyalAxe has designed the L75 and L98 keyboards with a gasket-mounted structure. They have a transparent PC positioning plate that is suspended between the top and bottom covers using gasket mounts. RoyalAxe has also featured a soft silicone padding layer between the PCB and the bottom plate for a smooth typing experience and reduced cavity noise. They are designed with TTC’s latest Titan Heart RGB linear axis switches. The TTC Titan Heart switches have a transparent hollow top cover and a TTC condenser at the bottom. This condenser collects the RGB light and illuminates it brighter. Titan Heart switches have a 100million keystrokes durability. L75 and L98 keyboards also have hot-swappable sockets and full-key RGB backlight design. The keyboards not only have an RGB backlight but also have an RGB strip on the front side.

RoyalAxe L75 & L98-2

RoyalAxe has specially equipped the L75 and the L98 keyboards with a 1.14” colorful TFT display. This display shows different functions such as active connection type, battery percentage, active source type(Win/Mac), date-time, etc. The keyboards here have easy and versatile connectivity with three-mode connections including wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB Type-C connections. While using them with Bluetooth connectivity, they support simultaneous multi-device connectivity with seamless switching between them. RoyalAxe has equipped the L75 and L98 keyboards with high-quality PBT material keycaps. They are highly durable and offer a premium in-hand feel.

RoyalAxe L75 & L98-3

RoyalAxe L75 houses a large 4000mAh and the L98 houses a large 6000mAh battery. Both keyboards offer an extended battery life of up to 53 hours with a single charge. Bring home the L75 or the L98 today and upgrade your desktop setup with an awesome gasket-mounted keyboard!! Know more about them here.

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