PixArt Introduces PAW3950 Upcoming Flagship Optical Sensor For Gaming mice

In the world of high-end mice, gaming peripherals, PixArt is a name people are familiar with. Remember the PAW3395 or PAW3390 sensors that are currently featured in almost 95% of high-performance gaming mice, PixArt is actually the brand behind the mighty legendary optical sensors. PixArt PAW3395 is currently being featured in most high-performance gaming mice whether they be in the mid-fi segment or in the high-end segment. The brand has now revealed its latest flagship sensor, the PixArt PAW3950. As an upgrade to the famous PAW3395, the latest upcoming PAW3950 sensor will unleash new performance benchmarks with better sensitivity, better tracking accuracy, and better overall performance for the users. With the launch of new PixArt Sensor, RAPOO has also unveiled the drapes off of its latest upcoming flagship gaming mouse, the Rapoo VT1. It will be s]oon available in the international market for users to get and experience the magic of PAW3950 first-handedly.

PixArt PAW3950

First and foremost, PixArt PAW3950 breaks the traditional barriers of performance and unleashes a next-level performance. The PixArt PAW3950 sensor is capable of a maximum sensitivity of up to 30000DPI, a tracking speed of 750IPS, and an acceleration of 50G. It offers more sensitivity with faster tracking speed and better maximum sensitivity. We are excited to see what level of performance upgrade the PixArt PAW3950 sensor will have with the upcoming models.

Rapoo VT1+

The first iteration of PAW3950 will be soon featured in the upcoming RAPOO flagship gaming mouse, the Rapoo VT1. Powered by a PAW3950 sensor, this one also supports wireless V+ Technology. It supports a maximum 8000Hz polling rate in wireless mode. Users can choose between 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000DPI. With the V+ Wireless connectivity algorithm, the mouse looks promising and has a set of high-end features such as pixel-precise accuracy, fast polling rate, better power efficiency, etc. We are just excited to see what the new PixArt PAW3950 packs for the users!! We will soon start getting more and upgraded products with the PAW3950 sensor!!

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