Rapoo V50S RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Rapoo, a leading manufacturer of high-quality PC peripherals has showcased its latest backlit gaming keyboard, the Rapoo V50S. It is a full-sized keyboard with multimedia keys and a scroll wheel. Designed for the professional gamer in you, the Rapoo V50S has a unique 19-key non-conflict design. Enter into the world of the battlefield or wander around a neon city with a seamless RGB backlight design. Users can also interchange the WASD and Arrow keys function easily, allowing you to game as you want. Rapoo has always priced their products quite attractively, the same can be said about the latest V50S priced only at 99 Yuans.

Rapoo V50S-1

Rapoo V50S creates a full gaming atmosphere with its multi-colored RGB backlit design. With the combination of three different color cycle modes, eight brightness levels, and six-speed adjustments, the Rapoo V50S creates a full aura around you while playing your favorite games. V50S houses a 104-key full-size keyboard layout along with a thin bezel design. The keycaps here have a spherical crater style profile allowing your fingertips to sit firmly and provide you with a comfortable user experience. V50S has a 19-key non-conflict design to provide you with great precision while typing and gaming.

Rapoo V50S-2

Rapoo V50S also houses 12-multimedia keys for quick media controls available at your fingertips. The keyboard here has an anti-splash design withstanding liquid sprinkles and protects the main keyboard PCB in such conditions. There’s also a scroll wheel at the top-right corner that allows you to adjust the volume on the go. Rapoo V50S delivers crazy value for money with its 99 Yuan price tag.

Rapoo V50S-3


>Full backlit RGB lighting.

>19-Key non-conflict design.

>Interchangeable WASD and Arrow Keys function.

>104-Key full-sized keyboard layout.

>12 Multimedia keys.

>Volume scroll wheel.

>Anti-splash design.


99 Yuans.

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