Razer Announces All-New Viper Mini Wireless Signature Edition High-Performance Gaming Mouse

Razer has introduced a brand new addition to its Viper series of high-performance gaming mouse with the announcement of the all-new Viper Mini Wireless Signature Edition. It’s a special edition variant for Viper Mini Wireless with an extremely lightweight body design and top-quality performance configuration. Razer has designed the Viper Mini with a lightweight magnesium alloy skeleton shell frame which has got a smooth, textured anodized finish. The design frame of the Viper Mini Signature Edition has got a hollowed-out design, that in our opinion contributes in the lightweight structure of the mouse. After all the mouse weighs in just only 49 grams. Viper Mini Signature Edition looks exquisite, it has got one of the best looks in Razer’s lineup!!

Razer Wireless Mini Signature Edition-1

Razer Viper Mini offers super smooth performance with its flagship-grade Focus Pro 30K PAW3950 Optical Sensor. It supports asymmetric technology providing high-speed DPI and acceleration. Viper Mini Signature Edition offers precise aiming with proper resolution and excellent tracking. The mouse uses third-generation optical micro-motion Razer Mini switches with a theoretical lifespan of about 90 million clicks. They offer smooth clicking with quick trigger response and high durability. Razer packs the Viper Mini Signature Edition in a beautiful gift-box-like package that also includes a HyperPolling adapter. This adapter unlocks a high-speed 4000Hz Polling rate in the wireless mode that effectively reduces the response from 1ms to 0.25ms.

Razer Wireless Mini Signature Edition-2

Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition gaming mouse features a Type-C USB Charging Interface. It comes with a detachable Razer SpeedFlex ultra-flexible connector cable. Accessories for Viper Mini Signature Edition will include a dedicated non-slipping sticker, PTFE Foot Sticker, Glass feet patch, and cleaning kit. Viper Mini Wireless Signature Edition supports HyperSpeed technology with the included HyperPolling adapter, the mouse has a battery life of up to 60 hours on a single charge. Razer has released the Viper Mini Wireless Signature Edition for 2299 Yuan.

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