DELL Announces All-New Completely Transparent Crystal Like Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Dell is among the biggest PC brands in the world. Dell not only has a range of laptops and pre-built systems, they also offer a huge range of PC peripherals including keyboards, mouse, and other accessories. Today, Dell has released its brand new completely transparent mechanical gaming keyboard, the DELL MK7982D. It features a completely transparent chassis, transparent crystal keycaps, a gasket-mounted structure, hot-swappable sockets, dynamic RGB backlighting, and many more advanced features. DELL MK7982D transparent keyboard is available in two different customized Gateron high-performance mechanical switches.

DELL MK7982D-1

MK7982D Transparent mechanical keyboard is made using high-quality transparent PC(PolyCarbonate) material. It features a crystal-like solid look. It looks spectacular in both color options(Goblin Green and Night Elf Black). It has a gasket-mounted internal structure, and the keyboard plate is connected to the top and bottom cover using gasket mounts. This gives the keyboard comfortable and soft typing feedback. DELL has equipped it with customized Gateron Mechanical switches. The available options will be Origin(Advanced tactile switches), and Evolution(high-speed linear switches). The keyboard also has hot-swappable sockets that allow for easy replacement of switches.

DELL MK7982D-2

MK7982D has a compact 82-key TKL layout. It’s compact and occupies a little space on the table. For people who need the numeric keypad, the MK7982D has got a numeric keypad that can be bought separately. For RGB lovers, the MK7982D features a dynamic 16.8 million color RGB backlight. Each and every single key can be customized with a different color using the driver software for the keyboard. It also packs multiple lightning effects that creates a dynamic experience whenever we use the keyboard. DELL MK7982D is a transparent three-mode keyboard. It supports wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB Type-C connectivity. The MK7982D supports different systems including Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS devices. It automatically adjusts the keys between Windows and Mac devices based on the connected source device.

DELL MK7982D houses a large 3000mAh rechargeable battery pack that provides extended battery life. Once fully charged, you can use the keyboard without any worry as it will go on and on for days. DELL MK7982D will be launched in the international market soon, it is currently launched in the Chinese market at an introductory price of 599 Yuan. The official launch price is set at 999 Yuan.

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