MACHENIKE L8 Max and L8 Air High-End 8K Return Rate Gaming Mice

MACHENIKE is a known name in the PC and Laptop industry. Based out of China, MACHENIKE offers an outstanding range of products in the market including gaming laptops and gaming peripherals. Their peripheral category mainly consists of high-performance gaming mice. Today, MACHENIKE has come up with two new amazing gaming mice, presenting the all-new MACHENIKE L8 Max and L8 Air. Both these gaming mice are high-end mice equipped with some top-quality hardware for unmatched performance. MACHENIKE has designed the main core chipset with NearLink. Their Starlight chipset enables stable, low-latency connectivity with a maximum return rate of 8000Hz. MACHENIKE L8 Max has a slightly bigger build making it a suitable choice for people with large hands or people who want a large-sized mouse for proper grip. The L8 Max is priced at $69.99 and the L8 Air can be ordered for just $59.99.

MACHENIKE L8 Max and L8 Air-1

MACHENIKE L8 Max and L8 Air gaming mice support high-end NearLink stable, low-latency connectivity. They support a maximum return rate of 8000Hz in Wired mode and 4000Hz return rate in Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity mode. We have a nano 4K receiver for easy and convenient Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity. Both the mice support versatile three-mode connectivity featuring wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connection modes. With NearLink StarLight connectivity, we get a stable, low-latency connection with the mouse. They offer a maximum return rate of 8K in wired mode and 4K in wireless mode.

MACHENIKE has equipped the L8 Max and L8 Air with a high-end PAW3395 sensor. It provides an exceptional level of precision and silky smooth tracking with the mice. Both the mice have a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI, a maximum speed of 650IPS and an acceleration of 50g. The PAW3395 is a highly-appreciated sensor which is featured in many premium gaming mice and is well-known for its silky smooth tracking and accurate precision.

MACHENIKE L8 Max and L8 Air-2

MACHENIKE has designed the L8 Max and L8 Air gaming mice with an ergonomic shape suitable for right-handed users. The biggest difference we have here between both models is in size mainly. The L8 Max is slightly bigger making it suitable for users with large hands while the L8 Air is slightly compact making it an ideal choice for medium to small hands. Both the mice offer lightweight design, even the bigger L8 Max weighs just 66.8 grams and the L8 Air clocks in at just 58.5 grams. They both offer excellent comfort with ergonomic shape and lightweight design. The MACHENIKE L8 Max also includes a wireless charging base with RGB lightning.

MACHENIKE L8 Max and L8 Air-3

MACHENIKE has featured high-performance Kailh GM 8.0 micro-motion switches for the Left and Right keys on both mice. They offer excellent comfort with smooth clicks, quick rebound, and offers an amazing durability of up to 80 million clicks. Both the MACHENIKE L8 Max and L8 Air are excellent gaming mice. With their flagship-level sensor chip, NearLink Starlight connectivity, and high-efficiency battery, they offer excellent performance with fast trigger response, great accuracy, and an efficient battery life as well. MACHENIKE L8 Max is available with us priced at just $69.99 and the L8 Air can be yours for just $59.99.

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