Royal Kludge Introduces RK98 Pro Three-Mode QMK/VIA Compatible Keyboard

Royal Kludge, usually referred to as RK is soon coming up with a brand new launch, the RK98 Pro. It is a three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard with 100-key layout. Identical to the previously launched RK98, the latest RK98 Pro is now programmable with QMK and VIA software support, features top-mounted RGB LEDs, and houses a 3750mAh Battery that promises an efficient battery performance. RK98 Pro is an optimum choice for gamers with its eye-catching color theme, RGB Backlight, and smooth mechanical switch options. The keyboard will be available in choice of RK Red(Linear) and RK Brown(Tactile) switch options. It is expected to be launched on 8th May with a suggested price of 229 Yuan.

Royal Kludge RK98 Pro-1

Royal Kludge RK98 Pro has a 100-key compact full-sized layout. The keyboard is slightly compact about 5% smaller than a full-sized layout and retains almost the entire keyboard omitting just the Home Key cluster. The biggest upgrade that we get with the RK98 Pro is its compatibility with QMK and VIA software. Users can now program the keys easily using QMK and VIA. This opens up the doors to unlimited possibilities and allows full control into the hands of the users. The keyboard now features top-mounted RGB LEDs that glows bright and offers the users over 18 different lightning effects to play with. It has full-key hot-swappable sockets allowing the users to easily replace the switches whenever required. As mentioned above, RK98 Pro will be available with RK Red and RK Brown switch options. The keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

Royal Kludge RK98 Pro-2

Royal Kludge RK98 Pro supports multiple connection modes. With three-mode connectivity(Bluetooth/2.4GHz/Wired), users can connect the RK98 Pro to a variety of different sources. The keyboard houses a big 3750mAh battery that provides an amazing battery durability. Royal Kludge will be releasing the RK98 Pro officially on 8th May with an expected price of 229 Yuan, Stay tuned with us for more information.

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