SIKAKEYB Introduces Castle CK75 75% Magnetic Switch Keyboard

In 2024, Magnetic Switches have become a prominent thing. Every manufacturer is now developing keyboards with these new switches as they offer rapid trigger functions and dynamic keystroke adjustments as well. Magnetic Switches have become a new drug for keyboard enthusiasts, especially gamers who like to customize everything about their setup. Today, we are excited to introduce a brand new e-sports competitive gaming mechanical keyboard, presenting the SIKAKEYB Castle CK75. Priced at $216.99, the SIKAKEYB Castle CK75 is a compact TKL keyboard with an 83-key arrangement. The keyboard is available in two color options. It comes equipped with new-generation Gateron Jade Magnetic Switches.

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75-1

The Gateron Jade Magnetic switches are well-known for their performance. They not only offer silky smooth typing feedback but also have Hall effect trigger adjustment as well. Users can adjust the trigger point on the keyboard with a highly precise 0.01mm accuracy between the 0.04 mm-4.0 mm range. Simply adjust the keyboard for an instantaneous response or a laid-back smooth trigger. All these settings are available in the HM Solution Driver for the user to explore and adjust the trigger point to their liking.

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75-2

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75 keyboard is crafted with elegance for greater comfort while typing. The keyboard comes equipped with a gasket-mounted internal structure and multi-layered internal padding for comfortable typing feedback. First, the Magnetic switches offer a silky-smooth typing experience, then we have gasket mounted design to absorb the pressure and provide soft-elastic feedback, and lastly, we have multiple layers of Silicone padding and PORON sandwich cotton for soft acoustics. The overall experience of typing on the SIKAKEYB Castle CK75 is smooth and comfortable.

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75 keyboard is an ideal choice for gamers. From customizable trigger response to RGB Backlight, the keyboard packs it all. It has a dynamic RGB backlight, the users can easily adjust the backlight with multiple lighting effects. The keyboard adopts high-quality dye-sublimed PBT material keycaps and ABS material chassis. It has single-mode wired connectivity with an 8000Hz low-latency polling rate.

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75-3

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75 is an amazing keyboard, users can customize their keystrokes and get a catchy color option as well. The keyboard is designed especially for gamers who want unmatched performance with fast trigger capabilities and low-latency connectivity. Get the SIKAKEYB Castle CK75 for yourself for just $216.99, check out more details here.

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