SIKAKEYB SK6 Aluminum Alloy Gasket Mounted Three-Mode Keyboard Kit

In the huge world of mechanical keyboards, even a newbie can create their own keyboard from scratch with the help of DIY keyboard kits available in the market. These kits bring you a proper shell with a precisely crafted internal structure, allowing you to create your own keyboard with a choice of keycaps and mechanical switches. Today, we are launching a brand new ultra-compact keyboard kit for you you all, presenting the all-new SIKAKEYB SK6. It’s a premium kit designed with a 65% ultra-compact layout, lightweight aluminum alloy shell structure, support for 3-pin and 5-pin switches, etc.

SIKAKEYB SK6 Keyboard Kit-1

SIKAKEYB SK6 Aluminum Alloy kit is available for 199.99$, available in two elegant color options. Check out more details here.

SK6 Keyboard Kit features a Gasket Mounted structure design that includes a shock and sound-absorbing silicone-padded layer design. This will allow you to have a smoother typing experience with softer sound characteristics in your final keyboard build. The outer shell of the SK6 Kit is made up of aluminum alloy material which is lightweight and robust. SK6 Ultra features a 65% ultra-compact layout, you also have a CNC-machined aluminum multimedia volume knob. The knob is placed uniquely near the Arrow keys.

SIKAKEYB SK6 Keyboard Kit-2

SIKAKEYB SK6 Keyboard Kit is compatible with both PCB Stabilizers and Plate Mounted Steel Stabilizers. This allows complete freedom to the users to choose their preferred type and create their own unique experience with their keyboards. SK6 adopts a high-quality RF4 material positioning plate. It’s a high-density composite fiber material that brings you the perfect balance between hardness and elasticity. With a split spacebar design, You can customize your keyboard easily. You can either apply a single long spacebar to the keyboard or you can put three short keys and apply custom function to them. Using customized driver application for your system, You can customise macro function on your SK6 Keyboard Kit. It can be customised in different layers with easy switching using Fn+Z/Fn+X/Fn+C keys.

SK6 Kit supports three-mode connection options including Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. With the Wireless Bluetooth connection options, the keyboard can be connected to three devices simultaneously. Your final build will support both three-pin and five-pin mechanical switches making the kit compatible with about 99% of switches in the market. The SK6 keyboard kit is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices with simple one-key switching using Fn+A/Fn+S keys. It houses a large 4000mAh battery pack for extended battery life!!

SIKAKEYB SK6 Aluminum Keyboard Kit is priced at 199.99$, check out more details here.

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