Thermaltake Announces Divider 370 ARGB Mid-Tower and 170 ARGB Micro-ATX Cabinets

Thermaltake has got a good rep in the industry for its class-leading product range. They deal in various computer peripherals and accessories including keyboards, mice, CPU coolers, etc. Over the years, Thermaltake has gained expertise in designing high-quality computer components. They have a huge catalog of famous products under their name. Today, Thermaltake has announced two new cabinets to its famous Divider series of products, the Divider 370 TG ARGB Mid-Tower, and the Divider 170 TG ARGB Micro cabinet. Both the cabinets have got enhanced airflow performance with an optimized mesh front panel and pre-installed ARGB PMW fans. They will be available in Black and White, two striking color options.

Thermaltake Divider 370-1

Both the latest Divider 370 and 170 are next-generation gaming PC cabinets with plenty of internal space to support the latest hardware and thermal solutions. The Divider 370 can house an E-ATX motherboard(12x13”) easily. It has space for a large 360mm heat sink on the front and the top. Thermaltake has featured three-pre-assembled hydraulic bearings with 120mm ARGB PWM fans. It supports motherboards with 5V ARGB connectors, allowing the users to control the lights through software. It also has a pre-built vertical GPU stand, that allows you to place your graphic cards vertically.

Thermaltake Divider 370-2

The Divider 170 is a compact cabinet designed for micro-ATX builds. The cabinet has enough space for a micro ATX motherboard with a 280mm heat sink on the front. It houses two hydraulic bearings with 120mm ARGB PWM fans for improved heat dissipation. Even with the compact Divider 170, Thermaltake has designed the cabinet for proper heat dissipation. It doesn’t allow the temperature of the components to rise. On both the cabinets, your PSU is fully safe. There’s a  full-length power cover that provides plenty of room to tie the cables while keeping the hard drive and PSU airflow flowing.

Thermaltake Divider 370-3

Both the Divider 370 and the Divider 170 cabinets have ARGB PWN fans. They are fully controllable with different software including Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock Polychrome, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, etc. Users can download the one appropriate with their motherboard and control the lightning effects easily. They have thick 3.5mm scratch-resistant tempered glass panels. With the brand new Divider 370 and 170 cabinets, prepare your next RGB system build!!!

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