TTC Releases New Ice V2 Silent Linear Mechanical Switches

TTC is a well-established brand that designs high-quality premium mechanical switches. They have a huge catalog of switches available to purchase for keyboard enthusiasts. Recently, TTC officially released an upgraded version of the flagship TTC ICE Silent Switches, presenting the all-new Ice Silent Axis V2. The brand new TTC Ice Silent V2 is a light-pressure silent linear switch that has a smooth, soft linear shaft movement with a silent presentation. Designed for ease of use in any environment, one can use the TTC Ice Silent V2 in both personal and workplaces.

TTC Ice Silent V2-1

TTC Ice Silent V2 is a silent shaft that adopts a double silencer structure design. The shaft core, upper cover, and the base impact region get independent sound silencing structures. The keyboard has a large impact region and the elastic deformation is small. This results in super smooth and silent feedback upon keypress with the switches.

TTC Ice Silent V2-2

TTC has improved the durability of the Ice Silent V2 silent linear mechanical switches. They have amazing durability of up to 50 million keystrokes. The switches are takes extremely light force. They show low resistance and work perfectly fine with just 39gf force. They have also got a new body, the upper cover is clearer than before. TTC has also reworked the silver-plating process onto the switch body. The switch core has also got an upgrade in its build material. The PC material is now upgraded to a more transparent and more durable PC material. It offers more durability and the dynamic friction coefficient is also lowered.

TTC Ice Silent V2-3

TTC is a reputed brand and they have years of experience in designing high-quality mechanical switches. The latest Ice Silent V2 is a silent linear switch designed for building quiet keyboards. These are available to purchase starting at just 29$, you can check out more details here.

Technical Specifications:-

>Durability: 50 Million.

>Pre-Travel: 2.0mm.

>Complete Travel: 3.5mm.

>Force: 39gf.

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