Razer Acquired Interhaptics: HyperSense Will Evolve!!

Razer, a well-established name in the computer peripheral industry. They are the leading manufactures of premium gaming accessories including mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, microphones, etc. Today, Razer has announced the acquisition of 100 percent of the shares of Interhaptics. Interhaptics, also known as Go Touch VR SAS, is a leading haptics development platform for game studios. Founded back in 2017, Interhaptics has kept its focus on designing consistent, realistic haptic feedback solutions for PC, Console, Mobile, and Extended Reality game and software developers.

Razer Interhaptics-1

Razer has always been at the forefront of technology, bringing the gamers a benefit with the latest technology implementations. Razer’s patented HyperSense technology shows the world how high-fidelity haptic technology can bring better immersion to games. With the acquisition of Interhaptics, we can expect Razer will be expanding the HyperSense technology to a wider product base. They will aim to build a haptic feedback ecosystem with bigger game studios across different platforms.

After this acquisition by Razer, Interhaptics founder and CEO Eric Vezzoli will be joining Razer as the Associate Director of Haptic Technology. Interhaptics will also remain as an independent company but will be a deeply integrated part of Razer’s ecosystem now. We have seen how Haptic Feedback creates better immersion while gaming. Razer has already brought it to us with its patented HyperSense technology. With this latest acquisition, Razer will be growing its HyperSense technology with a bigger catalog with more products. Can’t wait to see Razer’s implementation of Haptic feedback on the new and upcoming products.

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