ThundeRobot Introduces ML9 Series of Flagship Gaming Mice With PAW3395 Optical Sensor

Recently, ThundeRobot introduced its latest product, the ThundeRobot ML9. ML9 is a high-speed three-mode optical gaming mouse that is loaded with features that benefit both gamers as well as casual users. It comes as a successor to the highly-acclaimed ML7 series of gaming mice. For all our friends who don’t know much about ThundeRobot, ThundeRobot is a famous name in the PC Peripherals industry. They are known for their designer mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. The latest ML9 is a brand-new three-mode gaming mouse that is equipped with a flagship PAW3395 optical sensor. ML9 is actually a series of products with three products in the series, ML901, ML903, and ML903 4K Version. The basic ML901 is introduced for 199 Yuan, the ML903 is priced at 249 Yuan, and the 4K version with a wireless charging base is priced at 339 Yuan.

ThundeRobot ML9-1

All three models in the ML9 series feature the flagship PAW3395 Optical sensors. They have an adjustable DPI of up to 26000DPI. ML901 weighs in at 78 grams and adopts XC-6827 main SoC chip. It features Kailh GM8.0 micro-motion switches for a smooth clicking experience. It has a built-in 600mAh battery that provides a long battery life. ThundeRobot ML901 brings in dynamic looks with RGB elements on both the sides and the back cover area. ML901 is the entry-level model of the series priced at 199 Yuan.

ThundeRobot ML9-2

ML903 series includes two products, the ML903, and the ML903 4K version. These are superior in performance but lighter in weight. They weigh just only 65 grams and are equipped with high-end Nordic 52840+52820 dual-core SoC chipsets. It also features Kailh’s GM8.0 micro motion switches as the ML901 model. But the true performance upgrade of the ML903 lies in the charging base that comes with the ML903 4K variant. It supports a high-speed 4000Hz polling rate through the charging base. The ML903 and ML903 4K variant both doesn’t have any RGB elements, although there’s an ambient RGB lighting strip at the bottom of the charging base. This charging base is also available separately for 99 Yuan.

ThundeRobot ML9-3

ThundeRobot ML9 series of mouse pack wonderful performance with flagship PAW3395 optical sensor under its elegant hood. They bring unmatched performance upgrade over a regular mouse and greatly improves the performance of gamers with their precise aim and accurate trigger.

ThundeRobot ML9-3

ThundeRobot will soon release the ML9 series of gaming mice in their international market as well, the international release is also being planned this month. We will surely bring you the ThundeRobot ML9 series of mice!!

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