TTC Launches All-New "IRON" High-Performance Upgraded POM Material Mechanical Switches

TTC is a reputed name in the Mechanical Keyboard industry. The brand is known for its huge collection of high-performance mechanical switches. They have partnered with top brands in the industry with their wide range of switches. Today, TTC has introduced a new high-performance POM material mechanical switch, presenting the all-new TTC Iron switches. These adopt a newly developed structure design and all-new custom POM material for a unique typing experience. The TTC Iron switches adopt a unique structure design to reduce the shrapnel sound. It is actually TTC’s first mechanical switch with a modified and upgraded POM material build!! Are you ready to experience all-new typing with the TTC Iron Switches???

TTC Iron Switches-1

TTC Iron Mechanical Switches are launched officially for 53.99$ for a set of 100 pieces. There’s also a set of 35 switches for 18.99$. Check out more information here.

TTC Iron switches have the entire switch made up of modified and upgraded POM material. It adopts a combination with Saigang material which is like steel. It is a type of POM(PolyFromaldehyde) material. Nowadays many brands are adopting POM material as the core for new switches. TTC Iron switches are entirely made up of POM(saigang) material. They have a self-lubricating design that has an ultra-low friction coefficient. The more you use the TTC Iron switches, the smoother they become. There are two actions for TTC Iron switches, Linear and Tactile. Currently, the Linear one is launched.

TTC Iron Switches-2

TTC Iron switches pack an amazing typing experience. The iron linear switches have a 1.4mm quick trigger with 41gf comfortable trigger pressure and 3.8mm total key travel. The Tactile Iron Switches have a 42gf trigger force and 3.3mm total operating stroke. Both switches are designed to reach the bottom of the core and deliver consistent percussions and excellent rebounds. They come factory-lubed and have the smoothness of POM material.

TTC Iron Switches-3

Since POM material has an opaque finish, TTC Iron switches have a large hollowed-out base with a large hollowed-out upper cover to expand the LED light from the keyboard’s backlight. TTC Iron switches have a stunning Red and White finish, they are nicely designed to give the users a premium experience. TTC Iron switches start at just 18.99$ for a set of 35 pieces and 53.99$ for 100 pieces. Know more details here.

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