Kailh Announces Box Marshmallow Switches: High-Quality POM Linear, Tactile, & Advanced Tactile Switches

Kailh is a big name in the Mechanical Keyboard Industry. They are one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance mechanical switches worldwide. On the occasion of their Seventh Anniversary, Kailh has released a brand new series of Box Switches, presenting the all-new Kailh Box Marshmallow mechanical switches. Kailh has introduced three variants to this series, Tactile, Linear, and Advanced Tactile Variants. All these three options feature outstanding build with an elegant color combination and light guide column and have long durability of 80 million clicks.

Kailh Box Marshmallow Switches-1

Kailh has designed the new Box Marshmallow switches in collaboration with Belly Ling. They have an elegant design scheme with Candy Pink and Cyan colors. All three variants have a superb build with Box Structure. In terms of specific descriptions between these, the Tactile variant adopts a high-quality PC material transparent build(Transparent top cover, transparent bottom cover). The Tactile variant has an operating force of 50g with a trigger stroke of 1.8mm. With a specially adjusted spring, the Tactile version offers crisp typing and a solid rebound feel.

Kailh Box Marshmallow Switches-2

The Linear version of the Box Marshmallow switches is made of POM material throughout the build. This one has a solid build with proper(non-transparent) top and bottom covers. The Linear version has a light operating force of 39g and a trigger stroke of 1.7mm. They offer clean and smooth typing with quick trigger responses. The third Advance Tactile version has a special appearance with a solid bottom cover and foggy top cover.  This one adopts an extended switch core and works on a minimum trigger force of 38g and a trigger stroke of 2.0mm. The full stroke of this one is just 3.4mm.

Kailh Box Marshmallow Switches will be soon available worldwide. They will come as stock with the new CMK75 keyboard!! Stay tuned with us for more information!!

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