Varmilo Introduces Minilo98 Pro Three-Mode Gasket Mounted Keyboard

Varmilo has released the latest keyboard to its classic Minilo series, introducing the all-new Varmilo Minilo98 Pro. As you might be able to guess, it is a 98% keyboard with a 99-key layout. It is about 20% smaller than a full-sized one and provides exceptional build characteristics. This is the third product in this series right after the Minilo 65 and Minilo 75. The primary feature of the Minilo series by Varmilo is the exceptionally cool and elegant color theme based on the Morandi Color Scheme. For all those who don’t know, the Morandi Color Scheme is a series of color combinations developed by a legendary Italian painter, Giorgio Morandi. The latest Minilo98 Pro features a sweet and classy combination of Beige, Golden, and White. Varmilo Minilo98 Pro keyboard starts at $196.99, check out more information here.

Varmilo Minilo98 Pro-1

With the Minilo series, Varmilo specially featured elegant and eye-pleasing color schemes based on the Morandi Color palette. Each product in the series looks absolutely stunning, the latest Minilo98 Pro is no different here. It looks as exquisite and as elegant as it can get. The Minilo98 Pro has a three-color design featuring a rich beige, a shiny golden, and an elegant white color combination. The keyboard has a robust build structure with a gasket-mounted internal structure. It has multi-layered internal padding as well featuring sandwich cotton, IXPE undershaft padding, bottom silicone padding, etc. The Minilo98 Pro also adopts a high-quality aluminum plate for comfortable typing feedback.

Varmilo Minilo98 Pro keyboard also features a CNC machined aluminum alloy top cover, treating the users with a premium in-hand feel. The keyboard also has OEM height PBT material keycaps. Varmilo has equipped the Minilo98 Pro with customized mechanical switches that they developed in collaboration with Kailh. They offer silky smooth keystroke movements and offers crisp acoustics as well. For people who want silent switches, the Varmilo Minilo98 Pro also comes with Prestige Silent switches. For enthusiasts, who would like to play around, the Minilo98 Pro also supports full-key hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement of the switches.

Varmilo Minilo98 Pro-2

With an efficient Nordic main-control chipset. It offers 1ms quick response time on the keyboard, making it an ideal one for competitive gaming titles where every movement matters. The keyboard also has a full-color Dynamic backlight as well. e Varmilo Minilo98 Pro has a low latency of Varmilo Minilo98 Pro offers a QMK/VIA Programmable function. Users can easily adjust different key inputs using QMK/VIA software. The keyboard also has a dedicated web driver developed by Varmilo for macro definitions, RGB adjustments, etc. Varmilo Minilo98 Pro keyboard supports three-mode easy connectivity. This includes wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection. The keyboard houses a large-capacity battery that provides a long-lasting battery life of up to 300 hours.

Varmilo Minilo98 Pro-3

Varmilo Minilo98 Pro is a perfect keyboard for different scenarios, and the elegant Morandi color scheme-based theme looks simply exquisite. Enjoy comfortable use with versatile connectivity on the Varmilo Minilo98 Pro keyboard. The Minilo98 Pro keyboard starts at $196.99, you can check out more details here.

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