VARMILO Introduces VA100 Goddess Luo Gasket-Mounted Three-Mode Designer Keyboard

Varmilo has released a brand-new designer keyboard, the Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo edition. This is a specially designed 105-key keyboard with three-mode connectivity and gasket mounted internal structure. Varmilo is a known name in the industry primarily for its exciting keyboard that feature excellent artistic designer themes. The latest VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard is based on the famous poem “Luo Shen Fu” (Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River). Written by Cao Zhi during the Three Kingdom Era, the poem has inspired generations with its classical and modern iterations. The Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard brings a modern iteration of this beautiful poem, With the artistic design, it feels like the keyboard has this entire poem for its users. Live through the melodies and experience the charm of this beautiful poem in your keyboard with the Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo edition, available now starting at $242.99. You can check out more details here.

Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo Keyboard-1

Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard has a charming appeal. The keyboard has an elegant Cyan and White color theme with exquisitely designed artistic keycaps. It features calligraphy-styled fonts which looks simply spectacular, each legend has a charming presentation on the keyboard. The entire poem is there on the keycaps, scroll-style communication, unfolding from right to left, depicting the entire storyline. The Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard is more than just a keyboard, it’s an experience of its own.

Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard has a solid metallic build. It also has two metallic nameplates, each with a unique and beautiful pattern. One plate captures the beauty of Goddess Luo with the cloisonné enamel process while the other one has a charming presentation of lotus flowers, both these nameplates are magnetically attached to the keyboard. The keyboard also has a stunning UV-printed designer back cover. It covers up the bottom storage space. In that store one can store three nameplates and a 2.4GHz receiver as well.

Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo Keyboard-2

It’s not all just looks with the Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard, it has been designed with utmost perfection and features to make your typing and overall user experience sublime. The keyboard features gasket mounted internal structure design with multi-layered sound-absorbing padding. Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard also features dynamic RGB backlight with South-facing LEDs. It’s compatible with QMK and VIA remapping software. It also has full-key hot-swappable sockets, that will allow for easy replacement of the switches. Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard supports versatile three-mode connectivity with ultra-low 1ms latency performance!!

Varmilo VA100 Goddess Luo Keyboard-3

Varmilo has equipped the VA100 Goddess Luo keyboard with a massive 8000mAH battery that can provide an outstanding backup of up to 600 hours.  It also has a dynamic RGB backlight experience with south-facing bright LEDs. Varmilo VA100 is a fantastically designed keyboard. It brings a unique and classic pattern in terms of the design theme and looks really elegant. You can check out more details on the VA100 Goddess Luo here.

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